uuuggghhh spring

as much as i love the beginning of spring- i totally forgot about the onset of oak pollen.

today i feel sluggish and tired.

tomorrow KT is being nice enough to come over with their truck so i can go pick up a piece of furniture… she really is a nice person.

curtains for me

i’ve been trying to find the pull shades for EP’s room. the kind that roll up… well they don’t really sell them any more, and the ones i’ve found are not the right size. i need to get blinds up in her room soon. the neighbor’s motion sensored night light is so sensitive that if the wind blows- it goes on and her room is lit up like a stage. it’s pretty bright!

no use in attempting to speak to the renter next door either. he’s a rude POS. i walked over to bring him his mail awhile back- his music was blasting away, and i knocked super loud, he turned the music down, but wouldn’t answer the door.

then about 2 weeks ago he was standing outside- once again i had a piece of his mail… so i smiled and went towards the man standing on the porch. he looked right at me, went inside and closed his door. music turned down a bit and he stood in his window watching me. so i yelled, “there’s no need to be rude- i was bringing you your mail.” he waited for me to get to my yard- came out and was like,  “did you have my mail??”

well i’m done trying to be neighborly with this person. i may just break out the salt, nails and glass real soon…

that house next door is nothing but bad mojo… no matter who lives there- there’s always a problem. i have my eye on them…

so anyways- EP told me today her curtains are baby curtains- and they technically are- since she had them as a baby and they matched her crib stuff… looks like she’s voicing her request for new curtains… so i have to keep an eye out for new curtains for her room… ugh 5 windows to cover with crappy, tacky mini-blinds and some new little girl curtains for my princesses room!!

i dislike mini-blinds.

on that note- i think i’m going to get some cleaning done- then think about lunch.

i’m making homemade beatballs and sauce tonight for dinner- that has to be done soon too since i like it to slow cook all afternoon…


not too excited about the healthcare bill being passed. but not much we can do about it. i’m just hoping we aren’t too negatively affected. yep a whole lotta that’s not right… i’m just going to have to resort to crossing my fingers on this one.

we had a great time at EPCOT on saturday. what better way to begin spring than at the flower and garden fetival! some of the ride lines were long and well, we’re not into 40 minute waits- but we did do quite a bit. they had some great kiddie play areas and EP took full advantage of them. she also got to meet alice in wonderland, donald duck and princess jasmine and aladin… when she asw aladin she thought he was joe jonas- because of the hair i think-  and when she realized he wasnt JJ, she was so let down. but aladin saved the day and sang the “pizza girl” song- so it was a magical moment for us! haa haa haa

lizzyP saw a woman across the street and said, “look, my nana is coming to visit.” but it wasn’t- so i think we need to coordinate a visit sometime soon- since we haven’t seen anyone since christmas… i think EP would like to see them.

josh grilled some chicken yesterday- in the drizzeling rain- and it came out perfect! he also made some homemade BBQ sauce which was pretty much perfect- so that will be going into EP’s cook book! tonight we’re doing BBQ chicken fettucine.

the boys are pretty much healed up- now they can finally get a bath and maybe even get their flea treatment… 2 weeks w/o flea treatment has not been good!! i think i’ll do baths tomorrow or wednesday with daddy’s help.

it’s springing up

so saturday is the “first day of spring” and that means cleaning like i mean it.

i’ve started the cleaning over the past month with selling a bunch of stuff on ebay. trying to get rid of whatever is lurking. next i think the cd’s and dvd’s are getting a once over again- and then i’ll start tackeling every room- one a day and work top to bottom and clean out the drawers and stuff… there really isn;t much to do- i’ve been keeping up on the fans and floorboards monthly – but i do need to clean the blinds… uuuggghhhh i hate mini blinds!

i have new curtains coming for the living room- something a little lighter- to allow more sulight since the living room tends to be rather dim. i’m moving the curent curtains into the dining room- i think they’ll look nice in there. and i’ve been still searching for acabinet or cupboard  for the kitchen entry way… slowly things are coming together… very slowly.

the pugs seem to be faring well… thumper is almost 100% healed and is pretty much looking like the loss of his jewels aren’t phasing him too much. sebastian is still healing- the E-collar isn’t preventing him from scratching his surgery site-  if his incision isn’t looking good by sunday i might just take him in to the vet next week just to see if i can put anything on it to make it heal better. after this month- i’m broke- but hopefully no more major pug expenses for a while!

today i still have icky cramps- so i think we’ll postpone our little shopping trip to a later date. i think some cuddles on the sofa will make them better… haa haa haa!!

idle hands

are the devils playground.

so i got some bags in yesterday to test… so far i’m not happy with the small size- i may need to rework something for the small canvas bag, i think the medium bag will be fine- so now i just need time, patience and my i-pod to get some stuff done.

lizzyP and i went to homegoods a few days ago. got a few things for the house. still looking for a nice cabinet for the kitchen. the one i want is online and  $170 but i think that’s a bit pricey. so i’m looking for something similar. hopefully i’ll find something soon- otherwise i may just break down and buy it… right now i’m just saying NO!

happy anniversary

today’s our anniversary…

tonight josh is making dinner for me… what you may ask? well, he makes the BEST and i mean the best marsala chicken. hands down! i’ve had marsala out at the local restaurants- family functions, fine dining establishments and nothing compares to his. he’s got a few tricks up his sleve and a secret for the sauce, and i’m so lucky that i’m getting dinner made tonight!!

so yeah- married, happy and looking forward to more action packed, fulfilled years with the boy. lately i’ve been sick and cranky and forgetful- but he still loves and tolerates me for the most part. i’ve got it good. he really is my BFFL and still can make me laugh!

the boys are doing a little better than yesterday. it was a long night. i ended up on the sofa with bas. josh had bambi in the bed and poor thumper slept in the dining room alone. (he wouldn’t lay down in one place when we were all 3 on the sofa, so he had to sleep alone.) i think i finally got to sleep at 3am… then bambi woke up the house- boys, EP and me just after 6:30am…

everyone has been napping now, i may follow suit- EP will be up in 20-30 minutes so it’s perfect timing for a little cat nap.

there was something else i was going to write- but i forgot— happens a lot these days. i hate being so forgetful!!

busy week ahead

we’re all feeing a bit better, now trying to catch up!

i managed to put a few new pics up tonight… enjoy!!

works going swell. been getting into a rythm with posting and making the most of my time to get stuff done for chad and stuff. it’s been going pretty good! we had a few weeks of giveaways and that was crazy fun… and i’m sure there’s more to come. the deals have been doing well, and things seem positive!!

oh i also posted more crap on EBAY, and have already sold some stuff… i’m selling everything so dirt cheap, just to get rid of it as fast as possible. i’m sure i could play the bidding for bucs game and make more- but i’m all about instant gratification. so i sell for a little less than what’s currently going- and i seem to get more BIN’s which is good!! my disney ticket should almost be paid for once this week is done. woo hoo…

i have a busy week ahead.

tomorrow i have to get to target for papertowels, toilet paper, dog food and laundry soap. nothing else will be looked at, picked up, or make it’s way into the basket… unless there’s some cool dress up stuff for EP in the dollar bins!!

the boys are getting fixed on tuesday. should be a crazy day for me. then the rest of the week i have to keep everyone seperated from one another, carry the boys down stairs to potty- on a leash! keep them as sedentary as possible for the week and monitor their incision sites for a week.

i’m hoping to get the plumber out on tuesday morning- with the boys gone it would be easier! fingers crossed!

our anniversary is wednesday. josh is making marsala chicken- which is my favorite thing he makes especially for me. it’s love on a plate. enough said!

i have some sewing to finish up. a few dresses and eco-bags are in the works for my ETSY store. seems the dresses sell, so i have a ton of shirts not moving! ;( hopefully the ECO bags will drive some new traffic to my store!

thursday is gymnastics so i think that leaves friday for out mommy and me lunch date!

sunday bambi and i are going to a birthday PAW-ty for a pug friend in orlando.

i have been thinking about my kitchen corner. it’s our entry way- and it’s just pitiful. so i’m trying to come up with some decorating ideas to make it more useful, organized and inviting. right now it’s just chaos in your face when you walk in the door…

then there’s the laundry room/ crafting/ storage/ bathroom area that is also just evil and dysmal. i want it to be more functional and look less like a college dorm storage closet.

these are my little projects to work on over the summer. as well as a few other little things i want to do- as money, time and fabric and furnishings lends itself to each project.

that being said, i think a trip to homegoods is in store very soon. that place is the best! i just wish there was one in tampa- driving to brandon or st pete takes up valuable time that could be used for shopping.

speakig of valuable time- i was supposed to do this tinnitus therapy thing but i haven’t for 3 days- it’s supposed to work gradually as you continually do it… i must try and make time for that!!

on the mend- or so i thought

i still sound like a pug- with all the snortz and stuff… but no more flu from what i can feel right now.

josh had it pretty bad… and is finally back to work!

lizzy… lizzy on the other hand- it’s been on and off. so we;re going to the DR today- just as a precaution they want to see her.

finally got to watch julia and julie- very cute movie!

my house is slowly getting back to normal- seems when the fairies, trolls and elves find out i’m sick- the little bit of housework that gets done- stops completely! darned cleaning fairies and house elves and house trolls!  i think they’re hiding out in the laundry room admist the mountians of stuff to be done that i hid away just as i was getting sick! funny how it multiplies.

i’ve been trying to stay busy. lately i’ve been a little more cranky than usual. my ears have been ringing so loudly that i get lost in it. it’s been overwhelming and consuming. i bought an i-phone app to see if i can at least mask it for a little bit with a different noise, but my ringing has gotten so loud i’m not sure how safe the volume is since i have to play the sound therapy pretty loud.

this makes me ponder a thought or two. how old was van gogh when he decided to wack of his ear, and how log had he suffered before he went mad.

i should google this sometime soon.

now this

i HAD a nice post that JUST vanished…

so all i’m writing is: lizzy is sick. josh is sick.

i may elaborate later if i’m up to it. right now it’s back to tending to the sick.