i <3 dino

yes it’s true.

i <3 dino.

dino is part of the support team at twitter.

dino rocks!

dino made it happen.

thank you dino!!

happy birthday lizzyP

i can’t believe i have a 3 year old…

mommy’s little girl is growing up so fast!

we went to WDW this weekend. had a great time. the weather was perfect!

lizzy had her birthday button on and as soon as we entered the main street confectionary, she was greeted by a CM who invited her to make a birthday treat. We had a mickey rice crispie treat decorated with chocolate, sprinkles and mini M&M’s for breakfast!

we got to ride a few rides, and walked around all the shops. my shoe fiend requested to have glass slippers… (so we bought a pair on the way out that day.) we got to visit with the fairies and the princesses and took a bunch of pictures. i think the highlight for me was when we rode the teacups and lizzy was in charge of spinning us around… she did a great job! we went to AK for dinner at Sunaa and had a great view of the animals, then we played a few video games and headed home.

last night we had a nice quiet evening and she got to open her gift. we got her a few new movies! mr chad and lori also sent a gift over, she  got a leap frog learning pad and a cool rock and roll dress up dress…

she’s finally in bed!!

new heels

last week lizzyP and i had a lot going on.

we went to ross on wednesday, and little miss shoe fetish found the cutest shoes. she was so excited to get home and break them in. oh did i fail to mention they were for me!

thursday nana came over to see EP at gymnastics. lizzyP was super excited to finally see her nana. and she did really good with all the excitement. she managed to stay on track with the class- and kept waving to nana.

then we went for tea. lizzyP loves tea… LOVES it! so we had lunch and dessert and tea. it was supposed to be our treat, however in true mom fashion- she picked up the tab. (teapot and all) we’re hoping she can find a weekend to come over and do dinner with us.

saturday we went to BG. it was our first time going as a family. before that i think it was about 5 years since we’ve been. EP was super excited to see the animals, although we didn’t see any lions- she did manage to talk daddy into getting a lion pluchie to bring home. the sesame street land is really cute… oh did i mention that lizzyP’s ticket was free- for the whole year!!  so that means more visits to the zoo for her…

sunday it rained… so we all laid low

this week is moving right along. i have a few things to do- and we’re looking at mid may for her birthday, which is coming up next week.

i can’t believe she’s going to be 3. THREE!! she’s growing up so fast, now if she’d just stop sucking her thumb!!

tweet tweet

so i’ve been stuck with my current used name on twitter… so sad- cause i really have been waiting for thatgirljen to become available. then like a week ago it did. josh got it for me, and i was so happy. so we accidentaly did the name change wrong and now my user name is lost in limbo land.

if there’s a twittergod up there, it would be nice to have the username available- or to reactivate my account! i sent an email- and i’m keeping my fingers crossed that somehow the username becomes available for me to get again… otherwise it might be like 18 months before i can get my user name!! ;(

i other news, the pug clothes are coming along. hopefully more will sell- and i can donate even more to PROoF next quarter. i even have a few custom orders to do… which means i’ll be chained to the sewing machine for the next 2 weeks.

and speaking of sewing, i got the last curtain at le target for EP’s room. funny how buying curtains at the store was more cost effective than buying material and sewing them myself. i just had to hem them, and now i’m making sashes…

the iPad has been a lot of fun and super useful. josh and i are in a war of the harbor… so far he has the high score… my plan is to break 100 before him… so far he’s winning this battle.

tomorrow EP has gymnastics. daddy sent out e-vites to the family, for them to come out and see her at the session “graduation” looks like nana will be there. she’s so excited to see her nana- it’s been 4 months!

afterwards we’re going to go to lunch- and celebrate nana’s b’day ( a little late)

i think we might head to busch gardens or WDW this weekend, so i’ll be tweeting as usual!

it’s monday?

although we had a weekend that revolved around a sick child, now that it’s monday, i’m wondering how it went by so fast- or maybe it’ just i feel like we didn’t do too much since we stayed in all weekend!

EP is starting to feel a little better now!

time for us to get some stuff done today… finally found some curtains at target for her room. they are light blocking, which is nice since her room gets full sun at nap time and during bedtime, the neighbor has the most sensitive out door night light.

now her room isn’t too sunny, but i’ll need to alter the curtains, and make sashes for them to be completed. so much for instant gratification!

so the iPad is pretty cool. it’s nice to be able to do stuff without the lap top all day… sure for work i use the lappy- i usually have multiple pages opened, but for general use it’s quite handy!

well… it’s monday and i need to to take care of my mini me— she’s still congested!

working for the weekend

so i’m thinking it may not have been the pollen and that we all got a nasty, yucky cold. i was pretty bad last week, the boy got it too… we blamed it on the oak trees. i think we were wrong.

proof? EP is sick, runny nose, stuffed up, congested and generally cranky. (and she’s usually a very happy kid.) she sounds more snargly than the pugs.

i have a bunch of pug clothes that i need to get finished- also got a few custom orders in the works… and some belly bands. now i just need time to get some stuff done.

but, nothing will be getting done today since EP is sick. ;(

so last night i wasn’t in the mood to cook. my least favorite relative, aunt FLO is visiting. the boy was nice enough to take any special requests for dinner- so i put in a request for rice crispies.

there’s nothing like a fresh box of rice crispies, some sugar and cold milk.

they still talk in the bowl- mine we’re saying, “don’t eat me, don’t eat me.”

i had 2 bowls.

so it looks like we might get some rain, and with a sick little one, and my evil aunt FLO visiting- this is going to be one heck of a weekend!

happy easter

we have a brisket on the grill, no ham for easter dinner at the sherman compound.

we dyed eggs last night. EP had a great time and was so proud of her beautiful eggs!! the morning went great. she was very good with not tearing through her basket. then we went out and she found all the eggs the EB left for her. after a breakfast of candy (her) and eggs benedict (us) i took a little nap.

now we’re watching a heart felt easter movie on VH-1 called “ROLL BOUNCE” too bad we are only catching the end of it. i hope it comes back on- else we’re going to look for a channel running the 10 commandments.

we got an ipad yesterday. josh was like a kid on christmas waiting for the UPS man to show up. it’s pretty cool.

speaking of cool- i sold the 3 dresses i JUST put up on my pug closet ETSY store. so that was exciting! i have a few other dresses in the works that i will be putting together this week, and hopefully they will sell just as fast. 😉

so happy easter!

busy busy busy

this week, i’ve been busy!

tuesday we had a gymnastics make up class… maybe after the summer we’ll go to 2 days a week if we can’t get into zoo school or a dance class.

KT helped me get a hutch on tuesday  evening… it looks nice in the kitchen!

we had michael spend the night tuesday. EP loved having him over. she got dressed up in full princess regala and had him dance with her, carry her, and play. he was a pretty good sport about it. (did i mention he’s like 12?)

wednesday we had lunch with KT and the boys and walked around at john’s pass. EP was excited to see wyatt!

thursday another gymnastics class- daddy came to watch so EP was especially excited. then we headed out for sushi as our mini me loves edamame!

wednesday evening i finished 2 dresses, and last night i finished another dress. so 3 in total. i’ve decided to take the photos outside- take advantage of the natural light and beautiful weather. the pugs were happy to get some extra treats too!!

the i-pad is coming this weekend hopefully! josh is pretty excited 😉