LUCY in the sky with diamonds

lil LUCY lulu is the newest addition to the family. we’re fostering the sweetest little girl. she’s between 2 1/2 and 3 years old, and has the sweetest disposition. she’s so sweet that daddy said she’s his favorite pug and that he wouldn’t mind keeping her… but the bigger picture is that we’re wanting to foster to get more pugs into forever homes, and she’s sure to place super fast. in less than 30 minutes she was part of the pack and family and the transition has been nearly seamless. even lizzyP loves lil lucy. sebastian loves having a little sister and thumper and bambi have been so good with her, they all plop on the floor and snoor in unison.

last night i slept on the sofa with her, and she slept like a dream. tonight i’ll attempt to leave her in the kitchen slumper party and hope there’s no whining…

in other news we’re launching denver in tuesday. and then albany will be soon to follow. things are looking pretty good!! it’s so nice to see things expanding to new cities!!

so we’ve been acclimating LUCY this weekend and doing the family thing. lot’s of horse shoes and board games and evening soccer, it’s been really nice 😉


so there was a very slight possibility of us getting a little girl to foster this past weekend, but it looks like pug rescue found someone closer to her location in south florida to take her in…

so now we’re on the list for then next available healthy young female pug that comes in for fostering. i think it’s about time to add another pillow on the floor!! ;p haa haa haa

so right now we’re thinking about swim classes in lieu of the usual gymnastics class— summer camp starts soon, and the whole gym is crazy when the camp kids are there.  so we have to figure out what is going to work with our schedule and make it work…

speaking of work— i HAVE to sew today…

our weekly tea party is now over, and the tea is all gone… so it’s time to get to “work”,

the monday morning grind

back to the monday morning grind.

i have a “few” special orders to do. i took the weekend off from sewing.

of course on thursday i managed to get to joann’s for more fabric… i don’t do drugs- i buy fabric… i love buying fabric. i LOVE fabric shopping, and lizzyP has become quite the helper. the ladies at the cutting table are remembering us now…

so there’s some fun cheetah print and pink and brown stripes calling my name.

i also got a super cool brown, black and gold (sparkly gold) stripe which i think is going to make quite a nice vest!

i have some cute little bones on blue stripes that is waiting patiently!!

there’s so much fabric on hand… time to get a crack-a-lackin and sew a needle pulling thread.

speaking of we now have the sound of music on dvd- so EP has been singing the cuckoo cuckoo song and the do re mi song…. she’s so cute making up the words!

anyways, back to the grind-

really i have to tell myself on the next run for velcro on thursday, not to buy any, and i mean ANY fabric… i would like to make a big dent in my fabric bin over the next 2 weeks and fill up my store for the summer!!

then i could work on the bags and belly bands and growler bags!!

if you saw the blue room, you’d see there’s been a lot of sewing going on!

feeling like a princess

pick a disney princess… because my life is like a fairy tale!

i feed the birds, and the butterflies flock to me, a la snow white. working on those cardinals. ;p

i clean the house, have felt like the left out child, have animal friends i can county on, but unlike cinderella i am not covered in fireplace cinders!

i’m headstrong, and love to read, and just like belle, i try to see beyond the cover.

i have a tea party almost weekly, like alice. lizzyP is my madhatter! she always has more tea than me! haa haa haa

i’m a diamond in the rough like tiana and can cook some mean cajun and creole food, and became a princess once i was married. 😉

lizzyP wakes me up every morning with a kiss- just like sleeping beauty. and i have pricked my finger on many a sewing needle!!

i do not fit in, much like mulan, i have honor for my family.

i have wisdom and courage and like pocahontas, i stand by my man, feet firmly planted on mother earth.

i have left one world for another, just like aerial. (and i do love seafood!)

i have found love, and a whole new world, like princess jasmine, married for and am rich in love!

of course some of these fair princesses have their fair share of woes as i too have but sometimes to truly be a queen, one must be the benelovent ruler. i take a noble stand for her kingdom.

i waltz around the house. and sing songs, and talk to the animals…isn’t that normal?

sure i’d love to have a tiara and beautifuly sparkly ball gown, but i’ll leave the dressing up to lizzyP.

i have found my princecharming, like every true princess has and believe in a happily ever after.

all of this – well as always, my wishes really do come true.

a dream is a wish your heart makes!

did you know the main street electrical night parade is back this summer at WDW. of course josh’s ticket is on black out during the summer, BUMMER! you know how i  DISNEY!

sew, a needle pulling thread

so, i’ve been working on a bunch of special orders the past week…

on the table right now is a very special couture dress for the drag queen pug, miss douggie (as seen at ) there’s a pride parade in austin in the beginning of june and i have been commissioned to make a dress for miss douggie. they will be in the parade!! pretty cool!!

in addition to the DQP dress, i have about 4-5 dresses and 5 vests in que requested and waiting to be made… i’ve been busy!!

i like being busy like this.

it seems the more i do, the faster i tend to work. how is that possible, i’m unsure.


berries of blue

i’ve been working in the blue room, sewing sewing sewing!

we took some time yesterday to do a little family outing and we headed to the bluebery festival. it was a very sunny day! we had “dinner” at buddy freddy’s and all the grandmas and grandpas came up to say hi to EP. they were so impressed with how good she was being! there was a couple across from us that lizzyP was flirting with- batting her lashes and being coy…

then we made it to our destination. the blueberry fest was small but it was nice to get out as a family together!! more grannies wanted to trade their wares for my mini me… but i wouldn’t trade her for all the tea in china and then some!

it was super hot out. EP wore my sun hat. she looked so cute. it was a short day, due to the heat!

then we got home and it was back to the blue room to sew some more.

i have a special order for a dress for the pride parade in austin texas… so that’s on my agenda the next few days… along with a few more special orders and stuff…

the crabbybull has been keeping my very busy these days!!

curse you – ROSS

thursdays are my runaround day… my get sh!t done day… wish i took a nap day… my drive around the town day… it’s just another manic thursday!!

so we managed to do everything on my list of TO DO today— so far…

gymnastics: check

iparty: return- check

joanns: matrerial run etc- check

ross: return and shop til we drop- check

got a few new things for the house at ross. a few more sofa pillows, new bed pillows, EP got a new chair for the living room since my old childhood wicker chair has seen  better days, an armed back cushion for EP’s room, some shorts for daddy and a soccer ball…

now we’re home- getting ready for a very late nap and then i have to get some sewing done… i have a few special orders to get working on and finish, and one of my new friends at gymnastics found a place that may be interested in carrying a few of my items. it was super nice that she thought of me and got the info for me!!

on that note i also need to get a handle on something for dinner…

this week is flying by too fast!!

and so-

so we had lizzyP’s birthday party this weekend.

a few of the kids cancelled due to sickness (strep- eeek) and that was ok. EP had a great time playing with everyone that came and she was so wired afterwards!!

i went out with alicat after the party for our monthly get together, and we had a great “date” i’m loving the cheesecake factory’s lemon raspberry cheesecake- it was divine!

mother’s day we laid low… straightened up the house and took down the balloons and streamers (most of them) and had a great family day. EP played in her pool and then we all had a waterballoon fight. josh made marsala chicken for me!! (one of my favorite things he does) and we had a quiet evening.

then i hopped on line… almost everything has sold out of my store! what a surprise to see 3 more items gone. then i had more inquiries about doing a few special orders, and a gift certificate for an event in north carolina (i think) so that’ been keeping me busy.

now i have 1 dress ad a few shirts left in my store… once i get a few of the special orders done, i can concentrate on making some stuff to stock the store.

on that note- i need to finish up a dress for an order, so i can invoice and mail it out! then i need to think about dinner!!

and so- catch u L8R

pug people

pug people are special people. <3

i have made some great pug friends on FB and twitter and over the past few days gotten a lot of support and word of mouth for my pug clothes.

i LOVE reading in pugspeak. it cracks me up every time. and everyone is so friendly and supportive of eachother… it’s a pug thing. having a pug (or 2 or 3) is like being a part of a community of “those pug people” and yeah- i’m one of them.  haa haa haa!!

yes my dogs have a twitter account, and they are on face book. all the “cool kids” are

i ran a promotion last week for EP’s and sebastian’s birthday’s. after one of my newest clients got her dress, she posted a pic and told a friend and then a few more and people started asking about what i was working on next and what would be available. then tonight i sold 4 items!! perfect timing too, because i went and got more material today. The older stuff still up is sale priced (to move) hopefully i can sell all the sale items by the end of the month… the next round of clothes are really coming together rather nicely and i’ve really started to perfect my patterns and am thinking about a new style to do for the summer!! 

i’ve also been able to donate some $$ to Pug Rescue of Florida which is great!

today i’m in the midsts of getting ready for EP’s birthday party on saturday… i’m not ready and there’s still a lot to be done. too much to be done and tomorrow is going to be a crazy day… this time last year i didn’t have as much going on as i do now.

don’t get me wrong. i’m not complaining about anything! i like having my part-time job, working for which is growing and doing great! and i’m loving the fact that i’m sewing and creating more…  i just hope everyone has a nice time at the party, and that EP has a great day!!