forever home

so lucy went to her forever home on saturday. i hope it works out. the kids were a bit rambunctious, to say the least. the pug pack seemed a little sad that she hasn’t been around, and lizzyP asked about her a few times- but as of this morning everyone has seemed to bounce back. i misss her- she was a  sweetie, but i think she’ll be spoiled by her new family! 😉

i have a lot going on this week.  so time to getting to it!


are you for real?

r u 4 real?

so i was watching the news this morning heard that some schools will be making condoms available to elementary school kids- including kindergarteners…

yep. that’s right! if a 5 year old goes to the school nurse and asks for a condom- the school will not only provide the tot with a profolatic, but give said child counsel and training on how to properly use said rubber… and the kicker?? well if as a parent- you advise the school that you do not want your (5 year old) child to participate in this amazing free service, the school has taken it upon themselves to not only bypass the parents wishes- but to take it a step further- keep the child’s request CONFIDENTIAL!!

this is just cRaZy and scary!!

sure- i’m all for the free condoms available to children (like high schoolers- maybe even middle schoolers-) that request or need them- less babies making babies… but kids are growing up way to fast, and loosing their innocence way to soon. it’s scary to hear about the lack of parenting and parental inolvement these days… and it’s sickening to think that elementary school kids are already sexually active… i’m crossing my fingers that lizzy won’t go in that direction!

i’m so glad we’re home schooling!

still need 37,000 in US funds- although now i’d like to up the ante to a cool 37mil— maybe buy an island somewhere nice and just move!!

festa del papa

we had a great day at busch gardens yesterday. lizzy and daddy went on the stanley falls while i held all the valueables and watched… i didn’t want to get drenched- so donchaknow it started raining while i was waiting to see them ride the ride- so i ended up as wet as them… HA HA

we also fed the birds nectar. lizzy was trying to pet them and was really good at standing still and being patient! she had such a great day!

today we got krispy kerme and starbucks for our father’s day sugar fest. even though festa del papa is traditionally the 19th march in italy- they’re also all about the breakfast sweets… lizzy made josh a sun catcher for his office window and we got him a book.  i got him a pack of MTG cards— all in all a good day so far!

we’ve caught up on some MvF (man v food) and bizarre foods to help celebrate this manly day!

as per his request we’re having chili dogs for dinner… a father’s favorite delicacy! i’m not much for hot dogs- but it IS his day so… hot dogs it is!

now i’d like a nap – sugar coma!

the sherman skip day

daddy took the morning off from work. i had my FB stuff done and scheduled my morning tweets and we headed off to the beach with lizzy in tow.

it was a beautiful day. the sun was shining, the water was clear…  a slight breeze, salt in the air, pirate guls trying to make off with our doritos, the sound of distant thunder and a picturesque view for me: daddy and lizzy playing in the water while i rested in the sand. looking at them reminded me of when i was little and my parents took me to the beach…

then we headed to BAD ASS for some Kona coffee on reddington beach. i must say that  they have some amazing coffee, and they use coffee ice cubes in their iced coffee— so it doesn’t get watered down. i got lizzy a mango smoothie and she said it was “yummy!” i concure…

i might just have to make it to the beach more often so i can get some good coffee…

speaking of… i think i may hit the nola cafe in tampa… i’m in the mood for some chickory and beingets!!

we had a great dinner last night at pizziaolo bavaro… fresh cheese filled ravioli in a vodka cream sauce, and a great wood fired pizza that had prosciutto… and their hazelnut gelato was divine!!

we’re thinking about ordering stefano’s tonight… i’m not complaining having 2 nights off from kitchen duty!!  😉

the great bribe:

so lizzyP is potty trained and has been for quite some time.

however, when it comes to nap time or bed time- a certain someone insists on wearing a pull up…

now the same certain someone has a fetsh of sorts… for shoes to be exact.

she know’s that you can look at all sorts of shoes on the internet and see so many styles and colors… and that can BUY shoes online…

so-o daddy has made a “little deal” with EP.
no pull ups to bed- naps , nighttime and inbetween.

the reward is quite awesome.

NEW SHOES – her choice.

now i asked lizzy what kind of shoes she wanted. she managed to open a magazine and poin to a pair of $170 silver strappy heels… i had to break the news to her that they aren’t available in her size. lizzy’s response, “mommy i can grow into them.”

funniest kid…

we’ll be looking for other shoes.

my little mermaid

we had our first swim class today!!

well let me rephrase- lizzy had her first swim class today. we signed up tor the beginner swim course at leflures little flippers. this is an unassisted class, and there are 3 kiddos to an instructor- 3 instrustors to a class that all work together! lizzy did so well- following instructions, litening to her new swim teachers, learning about the pool rules and saftey (not peeing in the pool!) and learning about swimming!

she didn’t even cry or have any seperation issues- even with there being a boy instructor! she had such a good time and is excited about a new class and new little friends. we won’t do gymnastics during the summer- evil summer camp makes the gymnastics class chaotic!- so we’re concentrating on swim classes instead!

hopefully lizzy will learn a lot about swimming and will be a little mermaid in no time!

twitter is overcapacity

i don’t like seeing those little twittering birdies hoisting up the big whale… makes my job a little bit difficult.

that being said:

the deal for tampa sold out today before noon!

the denver deal is doing well 😉

and albany launched today.

it’s great to see things moving so swiftly. it’s exciting to be a part of something and watch it grow and get better with every launch.

moving not so swiftly is this cold… lizzy is doing a bit better, but still not 100% yet. also the pug clothes are moving a little slow these days, but i do need to get a few things done. i only have 4 items in the store available right now so i’m sure that’s part of it.

lizzy has been playing with her barbie that aunt KT got for her b’day. she requested that ballerina barbie have a prince boyfriend. of course a part of me gave a half second thought of purchasing the edward and jacob twilight dolls, but lizzy saw the surfer dude and wanted him instead. luckily ed and jake would have set us back $40 between the two of them, the surfer dude was just under $6… my little bargain princess <3

sick again

seems like EP picked something up from gymnastics again! there was a lot of coughing and sniffling on thursday (the other kids), and well late friday night someone was showing the signs (EP)!

made for a fun weekend.

she’s still sick today, so we’re staying in and i’m going to make some tea for her in a bit.

speaking of the weekend- the boy was thoughtful on saturday. after my eventful afternoon, i got home and he ran to get some magazines and snacks for me, took care of dinner and the dishes, and ordered pizza on sunday.

i have to send out a dress tonight- going to head out later on and get that done!