it’s a christmas (errr i mean birthday) miracle!

so i got a text this evening…

“i think the dude next door is moving out.”

i reply

“which one?”

the resopnse

“loud music dude!!!!!”

so i say

“maybe we should all go over and help him move faster!”

oh this would be quite a lovely birthday gift for me.

this neighbor has been nothing but truble since he moved in last october/november. plays his music loud all day and all night long. he isn’t friendly, is rude, i’ve tried taking his mail to him- only to have him slam his door in my face as soon as i walk up to the house. (he keeps the door open all day long) has a lot of domestic disturances, likes to smoke his stink weed out on the porch-and well the list goes on and on… let’s just say that if anything bad were to happen to anyone around here- he’d be suspect…

now as for the shack guy… he’s usually ok- but i know for certain he has a criminal record (yeah he told me he was recently released) just ot sure what he was in for. i wonder if the house has sold and if they’re both leaving…   

i’d be so happy to have “motown”  move. all of our other neighbors are rather pleaseant- we all wave and talk to eachother and keep an eye out for one another… it’s this house next door that has always been the one hose on the block that always has issues!

so i’m keeping an eye out to see if he’s moving any more stuff today. my fingers are crossed.

please please please please please!!!!!

mushu the dragon fish

so yesterday our little mushu dragon fish made his last bubbles.

for a while there we thought he was attempting to evolve an crawl out of his fish bowl… he would sleep o top of his columns as is to be JUST barely a “fish out of the water”. so yesterday afternoon, i went to feed him again and he was “sleeping” on the bottom of his bowl- under his plant.

mushu was a good little fish, he will be missed.

working and re-working

in the words of “miss rue paul” … “work it girl!”

i’ve been revamping the crabbybull and refocusing how i want things to run. i have a lot of ideas and concepts that i have been wanting to do… and as the boy says, “nothing gets done unless you just sit down and do it jen.” i’ve been busy with a little bit of everything else and i haven’t taken the time to really figure out a “game plan” of sorts.

after some “light reading” on ETSY i’ve learned a few things from others- some just starting out like me (first year newbies in the same boat)- and others that have been doing the ETSY thing for a while and what they’ve come up against. I’m not saying that selling pug clothes will ever make me a million dollars, or pay all the bills, but what has worked for some- may work for me too. so i’m just taking in all the information and retweaking things a bit…

i’ve been constantly reworking my patterns, and i think i’ve found my new and final draft of the crabbybull standard pattern. over the next few days i’ll be putting it to the test to see if i’m 99% there or not! *fingers crossed!

i also have a few things on the back burner- some creatively speaking of course- and others, more like hobbies to keep me motivated. funny how the impending birthday never fails to motivate me.

early birthday gift

my mom came over today and had an early b’day card for me… inside was my bluebird necklace (and some fun $) what a surprise… good gift for sure 😉

we’ve got tennative plans to dine at WDW for my birthday- or we may do a local place… depends on what i decide upon over the next couple of days…

we had a great time at BG yesterday. lizzy got to ride some cool kiddie rides and we got to see some elephants and giraffes (her favorites) and we got to see other animals and walk around in the florida heat!! then we came home and crashed!

now we’re going through the MTG cards- someone has requested a howdown over the new stack or cards… time to geek out and make a deck to kick someone’s butt all over the table!!

rain rain go away

after what seemed to feel like arc weather- the sun has peeked out. i think we had about 5 days of rain.

sure we’re glad to have the rain, but the 4th of july weekend ended up a soggy one, and we still have a few sparklers to light! maybe we’ll keep them for my birthday party!

in other news- been doing a bit of sewing. had a special order to do.

staying busy. CrowdSavings has been doing well… 3 cities so far, and a 4th soon on the way. it’s good to see something grow from the beginning.

i’ve been keeping busy 😉

the car spa

12 years ago today- i bought my toyota rav 4

we’ve been together a long long time. trying to be good and not buy a new car- until we really need to. i’m not used to keeping things this long. chalk it up to my love of detachment. anyway- sure a new car could have happened at some of the optimal moments of the past- but not even being pratical and not wanting a car payment- i like my car- sure she’s getting a little less roomy with the addition of a growing family- but hey- the house is cramped too, right?

so there the key goes- right into the ignition and… NOTHING. yep nothing, nothing at all. i know what nothing feels like. luckily the boy was already on his way home- seems the building was closed for the holiday afterall, but we ended up missing a swim class in the process.

so thankfully our mechanic was open (half day) and AAA sent a wrecker out in the rain to tow my tween-car to the spa…

i think she just wanted her birthday off…

and it was a short in the alarm kill switch, so all is better for the time being.


it’s independence day- 4 july…

thank you to all the men and women who have served our country so bravely and proudly.

independence is a good thing!

i’m celebrating today- by staying dry- it’s been raining all weekend.

i’m celebrating by searching ebay for more barbies… i’ve been dressing and undressing barbies all weekend. i wish i could sew like my grandma W. i just don’t have the patience to sew such teenytiny things!!

in other news: lizzy loves fizzy soda water!

mr blue bird on my shoulder

something from my childhood that i wish i still had… my blue bird charm. it was sterling silver with a blue glaze and a red chest… i  wore it a lot when i was a little girl… if i had it still it would go to lizzy…

we had halibut and bay scallops tonight. lizzy loves seafood. she picked everything for dinner tonight. my little sous chef!

we also got a new barbie to add to the collection… if i would have ever thought i was going to have children- a little girl- i would have put up a few of the barbies and their awesome home made clothes and shoes…

hindsight is a bitch! haa haa

josh might take lizzy to see the last air bender movie.

that’s our kiddo- she’s the coolest!