we had a date night last night!

we had date night with lizzy earlier in the week and ate at the melting pot. she had a good time dipping the apples into the cheese and making her dinner, and of course she saved room for dessert.

we were all stuffed by the end of the meal!

so after the boy has been working some insane hours this past week, we had an official date night. sushi for dinner and drinks at a little bar in ybor- we managed to bump into some friends and still made it home at a decent time.

this morning he made blueberry pancakes for breakfast before heading to the blue room…

i got to chill on the sofa with fumplestilskins and have some gud lubs! there’s nothing like a cat nap to the sound of snoring pugs!


so this weekend we had a visitor.

lenie came to visit! it was a super short stay and we only got to see her on saturday night, but it was fun. lizzy was so excited to see her and showed off her ballet and tap moves and sang a song.

after all the entertaiment happened at the house- lenie and i headed out for dinner, and coffee- and then wound up at the casino. it was her firt time and dontchaknow she ended up winning! we stayed up all night thanks to some quad venti cinnamon dolce lattes and i managed to get her to the airport at 6am.

in other news- been busy working- more cities have launched and things are moving!

lizzy has started working on writing her letters and she’s been drawing some great smiley face pictures all weekend. let’s just say the fridge looks happy with all her new artwork.

and on a different note- i thought the JB concert was schedueled for october… then i went to see about tickets as a “maybe” and looks like they’ll be here in september instead… hmmm there aren’t any decent seats left where i’d like to sit, so maybe we’ll just see if any happen to fall from the sky and land in our hands.

now on line

i’ve only been on line for work this past week… so i’m catching up on all my email addresses, pug stuff, work stuff… et all!

uggghhh- no matter how many unsubscribes i do, i have so much junk email that it’s ridiculous! i don’t know how i’ve maaged to get so much email… but i keep unsubscribing to all the sales mail and it just keeps on coming!

my weekend plans were cancelled! so now i have to reschedule some things… i’m not happy about it- but it’s something i can’t control- so hopefully the reschedule won’t put me and the boy and kiddo out over the next 2 weeks…

speaking of the next few weeks- i have a visitor next week. lenie is coming to town. we’re supposed to see her saturday and then drop her at the airport on sunday.

i can’t believe that the summer is almost over. we didn’t make it to the beach like i had hoped- but with swim classes 2 days a week- it made for a lot of water fun for the kiddo!

i think once it gets a little cooler (september/october) we’ll be heading back to WDW and BG again.

in other news- maybe next year the boy can bake me a replica cake… i’m just sayin’

haa haa haa… i love watching the cooking and food channels!

although you’d think the food network would be horse free- it’s not, and bambi is so having a cow!

i’m loved

so i’ve been sick this week. got a nasty flu/cold thing and lost my voice, had the aches and pains and the hot and cold and the stuffiness and runny nose… yep- look on that nyquil bottle and i had all those symptoms simultaneously! NO FUN!


i have a super awesome husband and a super sweet kiddo.

josh made sure i had chicken soup, hot toddys, throat drops and let me have the bed all week!!

the kiddo made me feel better with lots of hugs and kisses on the cheeks, and she kept fixing my hair and gave me a makeover and did my make-up for me.

i’ve gotten my voice back and although still congested, i’m feeling better!


i just hope neither one of them get it!! fingers crossed 😉

so you think you can dance

lizzy loves to dance so we signed up for beginner dance class and got our “uniform” today. she will be wearing a black leotard, pink tights, ballet slippers and her hair will be pulled back into a bun… we took a picture to send to aunt lenie… too bad she’s not down here to do private lessons!! 

so swim classes have been going swimmingly. lizzy is learning about water saftey and floating. now she just needs to get those legs kicking hard above the water and she’ll be swimming like a fish.

gymnastics start soon. she’s excited to get back to those classes.

we’ve started working on our letters and “school work” in a few weeks once we have a routine schedule with her dance and gymnastics and whatever else we find to do- we’ll have a better school schedule. she loves doing her school work. i’d like to get a science and history/social studies book to read to her.

she’s growing up so fast…