i’m loving this weather

we took a much needed day of fun this weekend and headed to the most magical place on earth… we had a great time. spent the morning at animal kingdom and walked around and saw lots of animals. then we headed out of the park and drove around celebration. i’m going to start playing the lottery because i would love to live there… then we ended our funfilled day at the magic kingdom. we stayed til midnight- and lizzy was such a trooper!

oh and now that she’s 3 we had to get her first WDW park pass- what a momenteous occasion!

daddy went to ballet class to watch EP  and she was so excited that he was there to watch. more new steps have been learned!! she’s loving dance class… afterwards we went to starbucks to grab some coffee…

FACT: josh has never ordered a coffee from starbucks, ever… he’s had coffee from starbucks but has never ordered one. it’s so funny that he will suggest we get coffee when we’re out, and so i order it. now it’s kinda like tradition now!

fairies welcome

watched the new tinkerbelle and the great fairy rescue movie. it was cute and the littel girl in the movie was named lizzy- so lizzy liked that. i didn’t think it was as good as the other movies… but visually it’s really pretty!!

so lizzy has been improing in her gymnastics and ballet classes. i have video of her in ballet and tap classes… which she loves to watch over and over again. this week she’s learned 3 new ballet terms and positions. and in gymnastics she did the balance beam all by herself- i’m really liking the new instructors!!

speaing of- we need a date night soon, so i’ll have to call missJ and see when she can watch lizzy!

in other news- i haven’t been tweeting for CS lately- just one post in the am. not manning all the accounts has freed up time to do the photo editing- which i’m really starting to enjoy.

yesterday we got in on the deal- it was for a girl’s glamor/glittery package at a children’s hair boutique. daddy insists on being there for her makeover!! it’s going to be so much fun!

cooking out of my comfort zone

over the years- i’ve been spoiled. the boy usually did all the grocery shopping- but now i’m back on grocery shopping duty.

it’s actually been a lot of fun- even though it’s a bit of running around! i’ve been going to a meat market and i think they’re starting to actually remember me, and we’re checking out a few different local markets to get our veggies, then between seafood and the other stuff that’s another 2 stops; but… the best part is i’ve been cooking out of the box.

this past few weeks i’ve done some different things for dinner- all because i am doing the shopping and so i can see what’s available instead of relying on the usual suspects… haa haa haa what a novel concept!

happy sweet 16

ok so i might (still) be a little dark and spooky on the inside, but i’m not one to dress uber goth, just a lot of  black, white and gray can be found in my closet. sure i own a little bit of color and the occasional beige or brown item can be found… but shopping for clothes these days, well it’s the great search for a pair of jeans that don’t make me feel like i’m wearing “mom pants” and something that is for lack of better words- cheap. 

i really dis-like the word cheap- it just sounds… cheap!

anyways- i’m not walking the streets of LA or strolling down 5th Avenue. and i’m surely not trying to impress anyone with how i dress, but i still like to look semi- put together!

so i headed to old navy this week and managed to walk out with 3 new pairs of blue jeans! at 19$ each they were a steal, and then this weekend they went down to $16 a pair- so i might have to head back for a differential refund!

now i have jeans that fit well and aren’t worn out and faded, my wardrobe doesn’t looks so tired and frumpy. it’s nice to see that i can still stuff myself into a size 6, even though i’d like to loose like 10 pounds before the end of the year, (get back into a size 4) but who am i fooling? haa haa haa!

i also managed to get a few new sweaters, some long sleved shirts, my “go-to” look of black and gray or B&W striped shirts and a super cute black and gray gingham button up- i think that’s my new favorite shirt!!

considering that i rarely shop for clothes, my CC got a little work out this week! i think if i get just a few more things i’ll be set for the fall/winter season… although i really want a pea-coat or something cute for outter wear!

so next week i’ll be going through my closet and dresser and getting rid of whatever is past it’s prime!!

so, happy sweet 16 old navy!  i can’t remember shopping before you came along with your super sweet deals, low low prices and great fitting jeans for girls like me!

too bad, so sad

so we got the news that the beginner’s dance class will not be a part of the performance this winter ;(  since the little ones are just learning, the instructor feels that it would be too much for them.

however EP is really getting good at her chasee’s and she’s reallly improving with every class! she practices every night-  she want’s to show daddy her dance moves. it’s so sweet. she gets so exited when she does one of her steps correctly! she wants to be on pointe like aunt lenie!! so lenie told her she needs to practice and listen to her ballet instructor!!

so this weather has been really nice- it’s about that time to head to the old navy for some fleece. we’ve been eating lunch outside the past few days- it’s that nice out now.

i’ve been able to breathe the past few days, i’m hoping the homeopathic stuff is helping me get rid of this cold, since i’ve had this cold- it’s been making my ears ring “louder” than usual, which has been making me a little cranky. so now that my congestion has been allieviated- for the time being- i’m a little less irritable 😉 haa haa haa!

the sense of smell

i’ve had a runny, stuffy nose and congestion and sinuses and head cold thing for quite a long time now… i had been to the DR a while back but after 2 rounds of meds, i’ve given up. but this is no way to live.

this weekend we went over the bridge  to the saturday morning market. there were so many cute dogs out. i saw a black frenchie that had thumper’s face and a gorgeous sable colored BT, and a cute blue pit puppy… we left the kids at home.

and good thing too! we went to the Great American and i got some stuff that i’m hoping will help me kick this cold.  then we started to head home when the boys said, “isn’t the biff burger around here?” it wasn’t but i let him know i was capable of making a U-turn to ammend the situation… so we had yummy tasty saucy biff burgers for lunch. i just love biff burger and could have eaten 3 of them, but of course i didn’t! too bad there’s not one in tampa!

oh so yeah- with this cold my sense of smell has been off… most of the time i barely can smell anything, sut today i could smell my new shower gel and lizzy’s hair!! maybe the homeopathic stuff will help me get rid of this cold once and for all!