while everyone was at the day parade today, we went to BG. it was great. today we went through the tiger exhibit and got to do the observation deck where the tiger is laying above you on  a glass platform. we had 2 tigers right there for us to see up close.

now it’s time to read to la petite and maybe take a little nap before we have black and buffalo blue burgers- or something like that… josh is in charge of making the burgers.


so january is nearing an end.

superbowl is around the corner.

i’m a lover of cheese, but steel is a good thing too. so it’s a hard decision… but i’m going to say steelers for the win. why not.

ok now that sports talk is all done, onto other stuff.

been really tired the past few weeks. my right ear has been ringing incessantly. sleep is the only thing that makes it better.

been reading the little house on the prairie book to lizzy and she;s loving it. i think we;ll be at the book store soon to get another book in the series.

dance classes are going well. last week she picked out a tutu, a sparkly black tutu to wear to her classes. we also got jazz shoes so she can practice her tap without ruining the wood floors… she loves to dance and practice every day. she even has me doing warm ups with her- she takes me through the stretches- and is teaching me what she has been learning in class. she’s so serioius! it’s too cute. luckily both of her instructors are really sweet and say she’s doing a good job in class.

gymnastics has gotten better- the advanced classes started ast week. more focus on tumbling and stuff. let’s hope this continues because i was happy to see the change and lizzy liked learning new things!

i think we’re doing family date night sometime this week. not tonight though- whick reminds me- i have to get dinner started now. or else we’ll be eating some cold, raw chicken. and that’s not a good thing!

look at the moon

lizzy woke up a few nights ago in the middle of the night, so after we went potty we noticed that the diningroom was super bright and glowing all silvery. we went to the window and looked up to see a beautiful shiney full moon hanging in the sky. now every night lizzy wants to see if the moon is silver and full before she goes to sleep.

the moon has been beautiful this week for sure!

la petite is doing a great job picking up her new dance steps. she still has a bit to go with getting into the swing of ID2 class- they do a lot of barre work so she’s always excited to see herself in the mirror and gets a little distracted. luckily all the girls are older and have taken EP under their wing- they all are so helpful with keeping her going with the class! it’s too sweet!

after class we went to the dance store. since lizzy has been doing so well in class, and all the girls in ID2 wear a tutu, i let her pick out one for her to wear to class. in true form- just like momma- she went for the black sparkle tutu!

this weekend i get to get some torture! can’t wait for that, but the results are starting to show, so i’m willing to deal with my medievil puishment until the end, especially now that i’m seeing actual results starting to show!

speaking of things medievil… we’re getting ready for the renn-fest a little early this year. it seems that we may be dresing the part- well at least la petite. i think i’ll be making a dress for her to wear to the renn-fest… now if i could just find a puffy pirate shirt for the boy- haa haa haa!! me thinks he would wear it to impress his fair lass. aye- he would indeed!

live to dance

this week after lizzy’s dance class her teacher pulled me aside and asked us to try out the intro to dance 2 class. it’s more advanced and she thought lizzy would do really well in it. she doesn’t want to loose lizzy from her class but believes that lizzy would learn a lot more and apparently she feels EP can handle the advaned class with the older girls!

so today we did our intro2 class and her new instructor said she can take the class and should do just fine in it! i’m such a proud momma because lizzy loves to dance. she pracitices every night and lately she’s been making me do her stretches and warm-ups with her before she “practices” all her positions and steps!

that being said- la petite may actually be in 2 that’s right 2 of the productions for the summer recital, how cool will that be?we’ll get more info about that over the next few weeks.

now i’m waiting to see about gymnastics and a more advanced class for her. if there’s nothing by the beginning of the next session- we may drop gymastics until they have something better suited for her skill set.

next week lizzy and i are having a breakfast date with A-girl! lizzy loves doing out on “dates” with us!! she’s too funny.

in other news i’ve had a massive headache over the past few days. i’m blaming it on my least favorite relative, aunt FLOrence. all i have to say is that these are the times i wish i hadn’t gotten my tubal-ligation. since then i’ve had the worst back aches and cramps and headaches when she visits… she’s just so evil!

i’m deeming my “condition” CVS or cranky vagina syndrome, or maybe it should be IVS for irritable vagina symdrome.

either way FLOrence sucks… PERIOD!

my tweeps

over the past year, i’ve “met” some really nice people thanks to the jonas brothers. see we’re all are  fans of the JB, some of us have kids, we live all over the world, and have found eachother on line. we chat about all sorts of things (via 140 characters or less, although sometimes we HAVE to hit up some other app because 140 doesn’t always cut it…)

anyways, this christmas sent out chritmas cards to a bunch of my tweeps. we even  got cards in return from all over the US and south africa! it’s funny that in an age of the internet, that we all still sent cards out via snail mail/pony express…

we’re all waiting to see if there will be any concerts to meet up together during  2011. so we shall see!

in other news- speaking of things all over the world, we went to EPCOT over the weekend. one of my tweeps was down for the marathon, but we must have crossed paths! i wouldn’t be able to run a mile straight- let alone 26.3 or whatever it is…

any ways, we spent the day at EPCOT, with minimal lines, and had a great time doing  some of the new things that we have seemed to pass over. the weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day. we got to see mulan, do team possible exploration, snack in norway, lunch in germany, dessert in france and when we got home- we ordered chinese food! haa haa haa

oh and i have a new game obsession. josh has turned me onto minecraft. somehow we lost sunday! that rarely gets to happen. his game looks awesome. he’s got some skills, i keep restarting my game so i’m no where near what he has built up. we’ll probably be donw with the novelty of the game in about a week- by then i’m sure something new will pop up!

OMG mom, OMG

haa haa- that’s my girl. we’re driving from gymnastics and i’m sharing  a snack with lizzy and she says outta the blue, “OMG mom, OMG. haa haa haa!”

yes she made herself laugh…

so today we went shopping for new pans at the good old homegoods. it’s got to be my favorite store! i totally scored 2 small pans, a small iron skillet and a large, super deep fry pan. it felt so nice to throw our old pots out tonight! they were in pretty bad shape. of course we could have gotten new pans any time, but i never found what i was looking for – until today… and since everyone was super generous as always with our christmas monies, we used some of that for the pots and pans. so they’re like the gift that keeps on giving. it was so nice cooking tonight. nothing like super shiny stainless steel to cook on the gas top stove.

so thank you m&p ajb and nana and d&r  for the chirstmas money. it’s being put to good use, and our bellies thank you too!

i’m still looking for a sausier and maybe another fry pan and a pasta roller – so i’ll be out on the look out!

oh and today i found a white snake in the yard… completely white, with blue/black eyes. it was about 9 inches long. i was super geeked, so i caught it and put it in a tuperware bowl (with holes in the lid for air) but the little dude beat himself up pretty bad trying to find an escape hatch. when i got home this afternoon, he was eternally asleep. too bad too, i was going to get a habitat for it- it’s pretty rare to find a white snake. i’m hoping i find another one!

so the new year has kicked off- getting back into the swing of thing with lizzy’s classes and stuff… she’s been back on track with doing her school work, like a good girl! 

we’ve been reading little house on the praire- which she’s really liking a lot! and i’m enjoying it too of course.

i have a few little art projects that we’ll be doing now that i’ve gotten thecraft area in cleaned up of the christmas clutter and boxes…

i’m also still waiting on my photos to arrive- apparently they got lost in the mail – we’ve had a few things not make it to our mail box over the past few weeks. it’s super frustrating that the USPS can’t manage to get our mail delivered correctly.

and finally, we’re hoping this perfect weather keeps up – we have a little surprise for la petite in the works!

a whole new year

happy 2011.

time sure is flying by!

last week lizzy and i had a “girls lunch date” it was just the 2 of us. she was so cute- she wanted to wear a dress, and had her purse and her maryjanes on. we had lobster bisque, and she had the seared ahi tuna and i had crabcakes. in lizzy’s words lunch was duuuh-lisch-ous! and yes when it’s really good she breaks it up into 3 seperate syllables – hee hee hee! for dessert she had chocolate mousse and i had the key lime.

it was nice to go out and have a little fun… she makes it easy to do since she’s pretty well behaved.

we had a nice at home celebration for NYE. i made lobster tails for lizzy and myself and the boy had a huge filet! we also did collards and black eyed peas. lizzy loved her lobster, she pretty much ate the whole thing- i think if i would have put 2 in front of her she would have ate them both! that’s our girl!

she woke up just before midnight since there was a lot of commotion outside with people setting off fireworks so she got to watch the ball drop with us  and we hung out on the sofa for a bit.

on new years day… i took down the tree and christmas stuff. now my mantle looks a little baren, so i’ll have to do a little shopping or something. i can’t remember what was on it before christmas, so that must mean it’s time to update!

i ordered prints for some photos beore christmas and STILL haven’t gotten them in the mail… in fact i think a few pieces of my mail haven’t made it my way, it’s starting to get annoying. i wonder about the mail man these days!! not good!!

so when you have a dream about someone it’s great that you can google them and find them these days. whatever did people do before the internet?

last night josh made pasta. it was pretty good, a little thick… it sorta poofed up a bit when it cooked, so i’m going to use the remaining dough today and make home made ravioli. i think we need one of those metal pasta roller machines— that might be a portion of the christmas $ along with a few new pans for the kitchen.

well it’s cuddle time… lizzy is requesting some cuddles!! 😉