miss independant

USUALLY on sunday we get to sleep in a little, but not today!

i think we were up around 8am… daddy made lizzy eggs and bacon per request and i somehow managed to wash all 3 pugs by 10:30.

little miss independant managed to get herself a capri sun from the counter top, she used her step stool to be able to reach. there she is- drink pouch in hand- because she was thirsty and wanted something to drink. her basic problem solving skills always amaze me.

we went to ocala this weekend for a visit. we had to rearrange our plans for josh’s b’day weekend to make it work. it was nice to see everyone. lizzy really likes her poppy and grandmarita. it’s cool they are moving back- dad and rita, maybe we’ll be able so schedule more visits through the year for lizzy to see them.

we were planning to do something after the visit, but while we were there, something came up and we had to get home asap.  at that point we were already home so we ended up just staying in.

this week i’m taking the kids to day care for a trial day (hence the baths) so i’m hoping that all goes well. now i just need to com eup with something to do with la petite… i hope the weather is nice this week!

fingers crossed!

pugs times three

today i went to a place in oldsmar that’s a boarding and doggy day care- had to check it out to see the facility and stuff.

as much as i LUB my pugs, it’s tough to do anything that takes me away from the home for any length of time during the day. and forget overnight trips- i don’t have anyone that could come over and watch them- so that means it’s time to find “day care” for them.

they’ll be taken out to potty 5 times a day. the facility is clean, and the staff seems frendly. when lizzy, bambi and i took our tour today there had to be over 40  dogs in  just for day care!


it’s not going to be as comfey as home, but it seems safe, and maintained and there’s video monitoring- so i won’t feel as bad for leaving them. plus they’ll be together in the pen so that should soften the initial shock of a new place. for day care all the small dogs are in one huge play pen area… i think there were 10-15 dogs in that pen!

i’m a little worried about that… not sure how my pack is going to do with that many new dogs all at once!

for boarding they have larger kennels so they can sleep together. otherwise bas would FREAK out if he was separated from bam.

i’m going to do a test run for half a day next week and see if anyone gets traumatized… hopefully- fingers crossed- everything will be ok and that they behave themselves. i worry about thumper because he’s so protective… if all goes well, then they can do an overnight  so we can finally do an overnight (DISNEY) or  something  for la peties b’day!

sure, most people think, “they’re just dogs, kennel them at the vet office, or heck leave them home and just throw some food on the ground- they’ll survive.” but that’s totally out of the question! i wouldn’t want to be in a tiny cage all day long for no good reason, so why do that to them.

so i just gotta plan this stuff way in advance… so ALL my kids are happy 😉

‘cause i’m the momma!


i can’t believe that my DH is actually 30.

we got josh a bunch of presents, lizzy painted a ceramic piggy bank for his desk at work, which had BANGS- yes she painted bangs on the piggy. it was so 80’s looking!

we shopped all day monday, and finished up our gift buying on tuesday, then today we went to lunch with the work crew. our office peeps are super nice! and nothing starts the b’day festivities like fried pickles at hooters. our waitresses loved la petite!!

then we got home and lizzy helped decorate and helped with the party streamers and even helped me with the cake, my little angel baby!!

we had dinner out and came home to a lemon cake with lemon glaze. and even though josh isn’t a cake person (at all)  he managed to eat a sliver of cake for us! then lizzy somehow did a few sneak bites off the sides of the bundt cake when i wasn’t looking and well it now looks like a church mouse has been nibbeling on the b’day cake! haa haa haa

after all the preparations and excitement of this week- all the shopping and running around and decorating and baking with lizzy- i’m heading to bed “early” tonight i think!

red lobster

there’s a place that as a kid i remember eating pop-corn shrimp until i was beyond full… we have a little family thing we do, lizzy loves family date night at the red lobster, she just loves seafood- wonder where she gets that from. so anyways- daddy surprised us with family date night. GOOD TIMES!!

i guess we’ll have to do the “slop-pay-joez” on sunday sunday sunday!  ;p

heart day

lizzy got to have some fun this weekend, and we had an early v’day date night!

lizzy got to do a kids night and had a great time. she was so excited when i dropped her off, she didn’t even mind that i was leaving. when we went in to get her she had pictures that she colored for us and told us all the cool things she got to do. a lot of the kids bring sleeping bags or pillows to “camp out” with during movie time… so we need to go shopping before the next time for her to get some “provisions” for her next kids night out!

dance and gymnastics classes have been going pretty good- now that we are all feeling better, we’re back into the swing of things and to our routine.

we got daddy a platypuss toy for v’day. we surprised him with it at work on friday.  he loved it! then we made him a card today and got him a new neverland mug!

he sent us red tulips that came just before dinner. he quoted shakespeare on the card. pretty special stuff to say the least. all in all a good v’day!

the pug whisperer

bambi likes to bark at horses on the tv.

doesn’t matter if it’s a real horse, animated cartoon horse or sock puppet. if she’s in the other room and hear’s galloping, she goes crazy.

sebastian likes to put his paws up on the tv and watch things… animals or people running…

thumper barks at the leaves falling on the deck if he thinks they pose a threat.

enter the pug whisperer… or as i like to call it: THE SQUIRT BOTTLE. over the past  week i’ve been target practicing on the pugs sides… and there’s been less barking and jumping on the tv…

today lizzy was playing fetch with the pack. they’re getting better at listening to her and bringing the toys back to her- instead of me.

yes you can teach old dogs new tricks!

right now we’re spending some QT watching the addams family… *snap snap!

i promised

so last night i promised lizzy we would go get dunkin donuts for b’fast.

this morning i was awaken to the sound of, “mommy can we go get the donuts now?”

so after 10 minutes of cuddles- a/k/a mommy needs the lizzy snooze buttion ‘cause i’m so not a morning person… we got dressed and went for some valentines day inspired donuts!

last night we got take out sushi from a place in brandon. living in the hood- well there aren’t any sushi places close by for take-out… unless we were to order from one of the 2 places on ybor-ed and pay to park— walk like 6 blocks to get sushi- and drice back home— well i think driving to get sushi is a better deal!! $$ so to speak…

anyways going backward- we were all sick this week. some evil cold thing- losing our voices- feeling flu like… aches and pains and low grade fevers… no fun. we were all feeling so crappily (yes i’m using crapily as an adjective) that there were no dance or gymnastics classes…  i managed to get groceries one day, and somehow made it to target- and spent more than i wanted- but came home with extra goodies… it kinda made up for the icky feeling of sickness- new clothes for la petite which is always a good thing…

have i ever said that having a girl is the bestest ever?

well it is!

that being said yeah- i’m feeling that warm fuzzy feeling, because life is good, even if i’m STILL fighting off this 1 year long on again off again cold… i really should go to the DR soon!