pretty in pink

lizzy had a special treat this weekend. we went to sweet and sassy for a girlie day. of course most days are girlie when it comes to EP but going somewhere special for some extra sparkle was so much fun. lizzy picked out a hot pink for her nails and tipped them with a shimmery lavender glitter. she had blue/green eyes and blue green ad pink heats and stars on her cheek. then it was time for hair. now let me preface- at home we do our nails almost weekly and i do the flowers or animal prints or something fun for her fingers or toes… make-up department i have covered. she uses all my pro-brushes and i even let her do my make-up after i do hers. (having a girl is so much fun) but when it comes to hair, i’m not as good or creative. i can do a few different braids and stuff and that’s about as far as it goes. so hair was the highlight of our sweet and sassy day. lizzy had the prettiest updo and finished off with glitter spray.

she was so sparkly.

then we went to lunch and did a little shopping.

the best was how polite lizzy was and that she minded her P’s & Q’s which made her even that more beautiful! 😉


have allergies!

i knew it i knew it i knew it…

my bloodwork all came back and i do not have ANY allergies at all… so i’m thinking that i have that rare condition that has all the symptoms of allergies, but that isn’t treatable with allergy meds! blessing in disguise.

i might still go back for my follow up appointment… maybe they can shed some light on what to do next?

this past weekend was great.

on friday i asked lizzy what she wanted to have for dinner. she said, “ummm maybe some sushi or some chinese food or something?” so we opted for chinese… so i asked her what she wanted from the take out menu and she said, “mommy i want broccoli and corn and some eggs” now she’s never had egg foo young before but she pretty much described what it was without ever having it… and with no input from either of us, and she loved it!

oh and last week the stove was repaired so now we  (i mean i) need to get back into the swing of things and start cooking dinner stuff again… not sure what we’re goig to have for dinner yet!

gardens of busch

lizzy and i decided to head to busch gardens today and visit some animals.

we saw 5 elephants, 4 tigers and an orangutan (yeah i had to double check the spelling on that one!) and saw tony orlando rocking out and rode some of the kiddie rides in elmo land. we also made our reservations for the summer camp they have. that should be a lot of fun for us!

well after left over pizza for 2 nights in a row, i’ll be glad to get the oven repaired. something tells me we’ll be maming up for lost time in the kitchen.

well it’s tired and i’m late hee hee hee, yeah- i should get some sleep!

no more pull ups!

we’re going on night #2 of no pull ups to bed… no not me- lizzy!

now lizzy only wears her pull ups at night to go to bed. but last night we talked about it and she decided it was time to try. and her reward? she said, “mommy, how about we get donuts in the morning if i don’t wear my pull ups and if i don’t have any accidents.” to which i replied, “lizzy i think we could do that.”

so this morning we went to krispy kreme and got donuts for breakfast per her request! a deal’s a deal.

hopefully if we continue to have dry sheets/ no accidents, then she’ll be on the fast track to a BRAND NEW BED… yes that’s right folks- lizzy wants a captian’s bed. we already have one picked out! it’s a loft type bed with drawers below and a cool headboard to put her knickknacks and bric-a-brac and trinkets and what ever other little chachkis she can stow away. time to save up because i think she’s finally convinced herself that it’s time, time to stop being a baby in pull ups!

in other news i mised out on date night this past friday. i was still coughing and feeling icky, so josh and lizzy went to the lightning game. they had a great time with the CS crew.

the stove is still in dis-repair. i ordered the parts today and they will be here by thursday. the repair person is scheduled for friday. so no new gas range for me. it’s all good, the oven actually cooks rather well, so better to fix a good stove rather than buy a cheapie new stove and have potential problems.

weird… lately there have been commercials on tv for “the catholic church” i guess i find that odd that they are soliciting via the television. long gone are the days of father ron…

and finally with all that’s been going on, we’ve been watching the continuing tradgey in japan. it’s so sad to see such devostation and destruction. tsunamis i think have to be the scariest natural disaster!

happy anniversary

it’s only been 8 years and yet it feels like an eternity!

see that was a little joke – if you turn the 8 on it’s side it looks like the sign for infinity!

i’m lucky that josh reminded me about today… i’ve been feeling crapy- these “allergies” feel more like a cold with laryngitus… i’ve lost my voice and it hurts to talk or swallow… lizzy is also still sick too… she’s coughing and sounds a little wheezy.

8 years is a long time- we’ve experienced so much in sich a short time. i’m a lofty dreamer and he is a man of action, so the sky’s the limit!


so the dr said that it’s not bronchitis or pneumonia, and took some blood to run some allergy tests.

my throat is sore and my head hurts from all the coughing i’ve been doing over the past few days.

i’ll know more next week.

in the meantime i have a few things to try to see if they help alleviate my symptoms!

fun fun fun!

on a tuesday?

that’s what he said.

the stove is dead and so we’ve had chinese take out and other fast foods for dinner the past few days. since lizzy and i are still fighting off the sickness we haven’t gone out to shop for appliances yet.

last ight our pizza came. got the usual, and our delivery dude was like, ” i had to double check the day- you guys never order on a tuesday!” followed by a , ” woah- you don’t look like you’re feeling well.”

the pizza was pretty good, tomorrow i go to the DR!