the old city

we’re visiting st augustine- also known as the old city and having a great time.

our hotel has been really great- perfect location and lots do do all around the area. food has been delicious and we’re having so much fun!

we’ve visited the oldest school house and ripley’s believe it or not, the old jail and the fountain of youth… we still have a lot to do and see over the next few days… (flagler, the san sebastiani vineyard and the spanish quarter and the castillo fort)

oh and one again i’ve managed to break a camera… this time it decided it wanted to go for a swim- in the toilet at the hotel- so the latter portion of our adventure will not entail any ohoto opps… my fingers are crossed that the memory card didn’t get trashed… i’m crossing my fingers on that one!!

although we’re having a great time, i miss my pugs so i can’t wait to see my other babies!!