golden, showers

no it’s not what you’re thinking.

it’s simply 2 words that i’m currently fixated on- and nothing more.


i’m on ebay right now, looking for a gold bangle bracelet to wear upon my wrist…


looks like we’re getting another rain storm.

the clouds have been really pretty the past few days. makes me want to paint.

but right now i’m tasked out to paint walls and not objects de art…

and speaking of art-

i’m also wanting something day of the dead inspired for the wall in the living room. now that i’m thinking about a greener green, i’m wanting something a little more (dare i say, garrish) for the living room to add a little more color. i’m trying to brighten up the living room so i’m still on the look out for a mirror to go on the sofa wall…

oh ebay- you’re going to break me today… but that’s ok. i was going to go to the mall with Agirl but she’s not feeling well and had to cancle, so in theory i have extra $ to spend on trinkets. which is why i’m wanting day of the dead stuff. happened across some pretty things on the web… and ooooohhh owl charms. maybe i’ll get and owl charm too!

so many things to contemplate… what will i end up with?!

warm, cool or neutral

it’s that time again.

painting time!

a time that i get so excited – initially.

followed by a lot of confusion.

and left with a feeling of indecision.

ok so this is what i’ve realizied today.

i can’t make a decision on what colors to redo the walls in the house.

right now i have a new color on the wall in the hall, and a nice pearl color on the top portion of the bathroom… they look really nice together.

i have the kitchen color all picked out. going with a pretty yellow called june day… i’m so over the terracotta/burnt orange color that i’ve been living with for close to 4 years now.

the dining room and our bedroom and the living room colors are all picked out- just not bought. but now i’m second guessing myself as to whether or not to make a few very bold changes. since our house doesn’t get very good light, it is really dark and care like – thanks to the 7 great oaks we have… so the warm and neutral colors make it really cozy, but a little lazy. so i have been giving some thought to more vivid colors, and cool colors and lighter colors on the walls to reflect what little natural light we get. something tells me i’ll be painting the entire summer in order to get the colors just right.

speaking of summer- it’s starting to gear up!

next week EP and i have zoo camp at BG. it’s going to be really hot, but it should be a lot of fun. she’s also doing 2 weeks of dance camp and i might spring for a week of gymnastics camp in order to get a little more time to myself to get the painting done.

my goal is to have all the painting done by the end of august!

my fingers are crossed 😉

recital day

lizzy had her very first recital today. it was a special day for her and i was really impressed with her today…

nana and aunt katie even made it out for her special day. she was super excited to see them there.

all i can say is how proud i am of her. she did her very best with both of her performances and she had fun! she looked so pretty in her outfits and the hair and make up= she was so stinkin cute… she made sure to look out to the audience, remembered her steps and hit her marks and even did all her facial expressions!!

yeah i had tears… happy tears!! 😉

all of the little ones were so cute… and mant of the other dancers and dances were really quite good!!

we went out for dinner afterwards and then relaxed once we got home. she’s been so excited about today and wanted to make sure we saw her dance today… she loved being on the stage and dancing. no fear whatsover…

tomorrow is father’s day… gonna be a nice relaxing and quiet day for all of us here!!

mid june update

busy- but not getting everything dome, or done fast enough… pretty much the usual.

lizzy didn’t make the encore team… but that’s ok because we have other things we can schedule!

today we did a quickchange practice for lizzy to get out of her ID1 outfit and into the ID2 outfit… did it all in a minute 30seconds. woo hoo…

i can’t wait for the recital. lizzy is super excited too. we made a chain and everyday since 1 june we’ve removed a link… she said today, “mommy it’s getting close!”

yes it is.

we’ve been watching little house on the prairie – gotta love the hallmark chanel… and today we did a school lesson about being blind. (mary just went blind this week- so i figured it would be good for lizzy to understand blindness) today we tried to get around and do chores and stuff while being visually impaired. tomorrow we’ll do some sensory tests – for touch and taste… homeschooling is so fun and creative.

summer’s been HOT!

but we’re so cool- haa haa haa! 😉

jenny in june

i can’t believe it’s already june!

JUNE?? really??

summer is in full swing.

let’s see here:

our vacation was great… and a perfect way to start the summer.

getting back to our normal routine took about a week, and no sooner did i think that things were starting to get “back to normal” and now we’re planning out the next few months and all our actvities… we’ve got a lot going on.

this week past we went to visit my nana… got a great pic of lizzy and nana together, and even josh took the morning off from work to go over with us.

this week lizzy had her audition for ENCORE – if she get’s in it would be a great experience and a lot of fun. she loves to dance and i was a super proud momma watching her audition and seeing her learn new choreography and do it well!!

there’s always something going on, i’m trying to keep busy and enjoy it all…