in true fashion, lizzy and i are watching alice in wonderland to celebrate my birthday. she loves the very merry unbirthday song… we’ve watched the new live action AiW and of course the oldie but goodie disney animated version.

had lunch out- a big and yummy lunch- so i’ve opted for snackitizers for dinner tonight and we’ll bump another dinner night out maybe next week. 

lizzy has been having a lot of fun at dance camp. 

i’ve been enjoying a little me time, and having my mid mornings for myself. been getting a lot of errands done since i’m trying to cut down on my driving across town 4 times a day! 

so yeah- b’day has been nice.

365 days til i’m 40!

busch babies this week

lizzy and i spent the past week at busch gardens doing their busch babies summer camp program. we had a lot of fun the entire week. the only thing i really dreaded was getting up before the buttcrackofdawn in order to get my work stuff done and get us ready for the day.

we got to do lots of hands on stuff, arts and crafts, snacks, play time and learn about some of the animals that call BG home and lunch was even pretty tasty. our counselors were awesome and super great with kids. our group of campers were all well behaved and the parents were nice- so it was all in all a really great experience. it’s a good assuption that we’ll do camp again next year!

i’m glad that i was able to sleep in today!! i’m so-o not a morning person!

now i have a little time before we have dance camp! i think i’ll be painting next week! fun fun fun

and SK has been going strong. over 1k users and then before we blinked it was at 1100 and counting. we celebrated last night and the boy popped open some champagne to commemorate the 1K mark. it’s pretty cool that his site has begun to take off! i’m so proud of him! 😉