happy halloween

i’ve been fighting off a cold for almost a week!

tonight is halloween, so i’m hoping that i start feeling better- FAST!

so this rainy day will be filled with bits of sunshine rays, a blanket and EP and me watching some halloween movies!! 

nate berkus + birchbox

nate berkus + birchbox

**nate berkus doesn’t know this, but i’m so thankful that he has a show! **

lizzy and i watch his show every day at lunch time. (we dvr it at 10am and then watch it while we have lunch) 

today we’re having a tea party and watching nate.

all i can say about this show is that WE LOVE IT!

so far i’ve gotten some interesting ideas that i might utilize for some christmas decor and gifts… those are my secret crafting projects that will be happening after i get through turkey day!

we’ve tried some of the recipies from his guest chefs ( like the spiced beef ragu by aarti sequeira and the mango black bean salad by maria menounos.  next weekend i’m thinking about attempting the guy fieri egg rolls or the chickpea burger by aaron mccargo.) 

i’ve been inspired to redo my tiny closet, and reorganize it.  he’s gently reminded me that it’s OK to be a little OCD about having an organized closet!!  oh, AND i’m attempting to live with a little more color with-in the house. (that’s a slow change room to room- but so far it’s been fun!!) his style and attention to detail is really and truly AMAZING. every room he does is beautiful.

yeah i’m a fan. even the boy has watched a few episodes and said that nate would be the ONLY designer that he wouldn’t boot out of the house if he were to just show up!! HAA HAA HAA  j/k of course he wouldn’t be showing up at our home;  that’s just wishful thinking on my part!! and seriously- the episode would have to be called “russian roulette” because i’d be like, “pick a room, any room, please- i need some help”

i’m not “house proud” (YET- i’m working on it at a snail’s pace) it’s  more like “bungalow bungled!” 

lizzy would totally freak out. she loves watching the show as much as i do! 

anyways- as expected, almost every show i take something useful from it. 

today was a site called birchbox.

all i can say is i miss my days of doing makeup- the gratis and samples and being on top of all the new stuff that comes out every season. i read a few beauty magazines, and sure i hit the sephora about every three months and do a nice bit of damage stocking up on my guilty pleasure! but there are so many great products  to try… so i got myself a little “gift” and i’m doing the birchbox monthly sampler! 

i can’t wait til next month when i get my first BB!  😉

OH AND IF U WANT TO CHECK OUT THE BIRCHBOX- follow this link to get all the details!  i mean for $10 a month it’s worth a look, right?


in other news, scene kids has really taken off!! we’re at over 10K users and over 100K page views a day. solid!!

it’s been great to see the site start from nothing and have so much growth and to see that people are visiting on a daily basis. josh really has a knack for things… and in true fashion he’s already thinking about a few other projects. 

oh- last week we went to the mall for a lunch date with our new homeschool friends, and then did some shopping. with our poppy money, i let lizzy pick out a new princess dress at the disney store. she is now the proud owner of a very glittery belle dress… 

we were going to go to lunch today with her friends but my throat is a little sore and she woke up carrying a box of tissues… so we’re laying low this weekend so that we can be 100% for monday’s trick or treating!!

Busch Babies

we got great news today! they are continuing the busch babies series at busch gardens for 2012!!

i think the ordering process has been a little confusing at the call center. everytime we have called to order the class it seems that the phone operators have no idea what we’re asking for!

but we’re so happy that they are going to have the classes after the holiday session. we’ve met some great people and lizzy has made some great friends too. 

homescooling is so much fun, especially when there are great programs to take advantage of!!

holidays holidays holidays

 we’re ALMOST ready for halloween. 

lizzy’s witch outfit is done… mine i think i need to go to the storage unit and see if i still have my black velvet dress (i’ll be going as a witch too) and josh’s vampire inspired shirt has arrived… 

seems like as soon as we’re gearing up for halloween- that christmas comes way to fast. 

we’re keeping it pretty modest this year. we all have everything that we want and need, so we really have no idea what to ask santa for when we go to sit on his lap…

it’s going to be a short list!

other than that- i got a dress for the holiday recital- for lizzy. not sure what she’s going to wear for her acro routine yet.

and i went to a ladies high noon tea this weekend- had a great time and met some very nice ladies! all those tea sandwiches and cakes and sweets and treats were so delicious… i may have to take lizzy out for a proper tea very soon!!

the human condition

here i sit, after a very nice day, with tear filled eyes.

the human condition is one that perplexes me, and makes me think that being direct, or logical or removed – is not well understood, invited or appreciated.

that really-  it’s not me. 

to say mis-understood it to claim not being understood- at face value. 

yes i take things to heart, am i not human. 

unfortunately- i am unable to vent or say anything. 

in other news- lizzy just asked, “hey momma, when you mix white and red together, what does it make?”

and i respond, “well lizzy what do you think?”

and she says, ” i think… pink.”

this kiddo makes me smile! and it’s late- that kiddo needs to head to bed!

maybe i’ll follow and go to bed early tonight.

icing on the cake

so all day today i’ve been watching all those girlie wedding themed movies. the only thing that would make this day even better (like the icing on the cake) would be weekend at bernies. i just love that movie. 

best thing:

josh made dinner tonight. the reason it was the best thing was because he made fried pickles for me. it’s the little things that mean the most.

funny things:

when josh and i break into a dance party in the car, and lizzy says “mom, dad- stop that. it’s not funny.”

oh lizzy it IS funny! 

good times:

last week lizzy and i sat outside and painted some halloween crafts. when we were done, lizzy suggested that we lay on the ground and “watch the coulds go by.” so we spent the afternoon looking for cloud shapes, and listening to the birds chirping. 

new thing:

i broke down this weekend and jumped on the magic bullet bandwagon. it’s pretty cool. i want to blend everything… but not my hands! there are stickers that explicitly state to keep hands and fingers away from the blades while in use.

odd thing:

i found a new show called WILLARD. i must see all the episodes. i’m amused and intrigued. 

revisited thing:

i had to take a break from the MINECRAFT. over the past few weeks the boy and i have been playing again on a shared server. we found out that my nephew has been wanting to play – so we got it for his b’day gift. maybe he’ll grow up to be an architect because of this magnificent game!

sweetest thing:

lizzy putting her hand on my throat after i cough- “because mommy, i have magic hands and it will make your throat better.”

pug things:

the sofa crew (my boys) is hanging with mommy tonight. they make the best foot warmers!

i think that covers all the important things.

the post you’ve been waiting for

the first day of fall has come and gone, so many days inbetween have passed… and FINALLY, i’m posting to my blog.


i know you’re excited! 

are you on the edge of your seat now? 

hold on this is going to be like mr. toad’s wild ride. we’re going to play catch up!

so lizzy and i have been busy! we’ve started the year off (august) with many things to do. we’ve been going to gymnastics, dance, acro class and zoo camp. we’ve had a few field trips along the way and have been working in our pre-school books and doing some fun arts and crafts too.

dance: lizzy is doing great in her dance class. she’s the youngest in class- (it’s a 5-7 year old class) and she’s improving every week. her bourree turns are getting better! 

acro: this class is such a surprise! she is one of 2 4 year olds in class (ages are 5-10). she’s the headstand queen and is getting the hang of cartwheels and handstands too. this class has been great- she loves this class!! 

gymnastics:  she’s had a lot of fun, but the class isn’t progressing. i think they are more focused on just filling spots for certain classes and attendance is low- so this is our last sessionfor a while – we’re on a wait list for a different class/ different day. so we might take swim lessons instead! 

zoo camp- we love busch babies – we’re learning so much and having a great time. not sure about 2012- they may not continue the program ;( BIG SAD FACE – so we’ll have to see if there is anything else available out there (maybe the aquarium or MOSI has a class for us to check out.)

lizzy has been loving math and mazes and reading! oh and puzzles- lots of puzzles! and legos- (that’s a daddy thing too) we’ve been playing a lot of family games every evening which has been a lot of fun!

ok so that’s about it on lizzy’s stuff i think.

house life: we’ve been going through every room in the house and getting rid of whatever we aren’t using (including me!)  the boy has been really on the ball with this. it seems like every time i turn around there’s more stuff going into the trash and down on the curb! luckily in this neighborhood, when you put something out on the curb it’s gone in the blink of an eye! one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? 

so yeah- closets are getting cleared out, and dressers are organized. my arts and crafts stuff is really the only big monster in the closet still there… but it’s all getting used with lizzy.

now i need to finish up a few small projects around the house before the holidays are upon us! there’s already christmas stuff out on the shelves- halloween hasn’t even passed!! REALLY??

speaking of holidays- we’re getting the house all spookified for halloween. EP has been going through the magazines and “suggesting” decorating ideas… between that and the nate berkus show- she’s quite the little designer. 

pug life:

aww mammas babies are getting old! thumper is turning 8 in november! bambi just turned 7 in august and sebastian is still the eternal puppy- all 5.5 of him. i can’t believe that we’ve had them this long. thump is still my little man. (he’s curled up on my lap, snooring right now- seriously, he is a lap dog at it’s best.) bambi has been super spunky lately, spunkier than usual… and sebastian – even though i think he’s my dumb blond, has been really “the dog” lately. he’s gotten so smart and is the best listener. he understands me!

my cardinals still chirp daily (more like 3 times a day) for their food. the blue jays have been coming in droves and once one sees me outside- the “caw caw caw” is nearly deafening. the squirrels have been lurking, but they’re not too jazzed about the new bird seed. (everyone likes the plain old black sunflower seeds the most) and i still haven’t figured out what to do to entice the red headed woodpeckers… they’re so pretty!

i think we’re getting some binoculars to bird watch!

fun fun fun:

so we have let the walt disney passes expire… trying to save a little money and re-allocate funds to do other things. speaking of those other things, we’re heading to LEGO LAND for the grand opening! i’m excited to go- especially since it’s only 45 minutes away! 

other fun stuff- i’ve made a new friend, and we went to a GNO last week. we got dressed up, learned a dance, and had our hair and makeup done. that was a fun night. and yes i was the WORST most uncordinated dancer in the room (but i didn’t fall down), and still had a great time! 

went shopping last month with a-girl at the outlet mall and got a few things for the winter! 

winter- it’s going to be here soon, right? at least this cooler weather has been a nice change- i LOVE fall/autumn. it’s my favorite season. is there somewhere where it’s fall all the time? that’s where i’d like to live! 

ok well- back to living i go… i have a quiche to be made for dinner, so i have to head out for ingredients now!