whip it good

even though we have a service warranty on the sofas, i’ve been LAZY in getting the request to have a repair done. the top seam on the loveseat separated many many months ago and i have failed in getting the request to have it repaired in a timely fashion. 

lazy lazy lazy.

bad jen!!

so-o today i decided to take matters into my own tiny little hands and make it work.

i learned the art of whip stitching. it’s like a blind stitch. and i think it’s going to be my stitch of choice for anything sewn by hand. maybe it’s just the cute little curved needles that makes me think i look “cool” when i’m sewing. ha ha- NOT! ! but i will say that the seam is repaired and looks pretty much like the OTHER repaired seam we had done by the “professional” last year on the other sofa!! 

josh says only time will tell… 

we shall see. 

but with my new beloved curved needles i also finally made new throw pillows for the sofa. i’ve had the material for a little over a month and was just procrastinating on getting them done. 

i will say that the new pillows are really pretty. i found a material that has a cream background and a leaf pattern (lizzy loves leaves- everywhere we go she collects a leaf and has a box at the house that her leaves are stored) in multi colors of blues greens and gold. perfect pallete to accompany my starry night picture that hangs over the fire place. it’s my most favorite painting. 

so yeah- whipping those stitches out, getting stuff done. 

better late than never, right?  😉

8 years old

momma’a little man turned 8 today.

hard to believe that it all started with the thump. my first kiddo with the boy.

everyone got yummy wet food and extra treats for the occasion.  now they’re all excited hyped up on treats!! too cute! 

happy briiiiifdaaaaay to da thumpeeeeerrrrr, happy biiiiirfdaaaaay toooo youuuuuu!!

momma lubs 

left overs

had a nice quite turkey day yesterday with the boy and EP.

we sat around the table and talked about what we are thankful for. the things kids say, and how they understand the reality of the world, makes me smile ear to ear.

dinner was yummy! then we all curled up on the sofa took a little nap and watched some movies.

today we slept in really late and had a super lazy day. 

leftovers for dinner tonight and more movies and family time!

they turkey is nearly gone.

now it’s time to start decorating for christmas! 

it’s the most wonderful time of the year

leaves are changing (i’ve seen pictures to prove it), there’s a slight chill in the air, the radio stations is playing christmas music and the stores are already decorated for christmas- just around the corner.

we’ve been having a lot of fun with lizzy’s friends. we started taking the MOSI class this month and were lucky enough to get into the same class as her friends.  over thanksgiving weekend we are making friendship bracelets for them.  those 3 girls are so cute together and they all get along really well. i think we’re going to try and coordinate a santa visit together, and i want to do a craft day at our house and have everyone over to make a mess and make ornaments for our BG teacher. 

after the babysitter drought of 2011 we now have 3 new sitters. that’s right THREE!!! now that we have a few good girls to rely on, we should have ample coverage.  our last sitter was busy since christmas last year with graduation and competitions and  we couldn’t find a replacement sitter. sure we don’t mind taking lizzy out to dinner with us, but it’s always nice to have some time for just the 2 of us. 

last night josh and i had a date night. we had our new babysitter over.  lizzy LOVES her. they had a lot of fun and lizzy said she wants us to go out tonight so steph can come over again. ha ha ha. steph is a great kid, she’s had a lot going on the past few weeks and is such an amazing person. so we’ll be having her over a lot more for sure per lizzy’s request. 

and while they were home playing and reading and eating cookies and popcorn, josh and i somehow managed to get all lizzy’s christmas shopping done except for one thing. in true fashion we are done with her christmas shopping before thanksgiving. now lizzy and i just need to go out and shop for her cousins, and we’ll be done! we were so amazed at how busy all the stores were at 8pm on a saturday night. usually by that time the stores are quiet like a ghost town… (i know with all my previous retail experience!) so we’re glad to have the majority of our shopping done before the stores get too crazy! 

like always i don’t have a christmas wish list. i have everything i could want, so there’s nothing i could ask for. of course i will sit on santa’s lap with lizzy if she wants me to, but yeah, “i’m good nick, i don’t need anything!”  unless he can provide me with some winning lottery numbers so i can hit the jackpot- ha ha ha!

turkey day is next week, i’ll be cooking for the 3 of us. josh is loloking forward to a 4 day weekend. now that i’m not working for CS right now, my evenings are free! SK has been doing well, and hopefully by the new year the momentum will keep up! 

lizzy is dressed up like a pirate zombie vampire right now, but she’s posing like a model. she’s too cute and has a wicked imagination. she’s already planning for halloween next year.

let us get through thanksgiving and christmas. ha ha ha!


3rd time’s a charm

 we decided to head out today and go to the park.

we grabbed some subway in hydepark on the way to the SoHo park… BUT- the farmers market is in full swing. there was absolutely no parking. like zero parking… even the parking garage was full. 


so we headed to al lopez by the stadium… funny thing. we are up to the latest on whatever sports thing or even was happening in the area. and  apparently the park was blocked off and used as overflow parking for the stadium?? not sure why… but…


now i’d like to preface.

the boy had made the request to head to upper tampa bay park. but in the past, we’ve had lots of people at the park for EP to play with… 

so we headed to upper tampa bay park, and sure we had the park to ourselves, but it was a beautiful day and lizzy got to play.

that’s really all that matters, right?

so THAT’s what we did with our extra hour today for fall falling back an hour. i’m sure glad we had it! 😉

candles candles candles

had a nice time with the boy and lizzy trick or treating last night…

the weather was really nice! but i wish we lived in a neighborhood that we could T-or-T in. we went to a friends house but didn’t really do much – just about 2 blocks worth and they seemed pretty much done. 

we’ll have to figure out something for next year- lizzy wanted to do more- and she looked so cute in her witch outfit. i was also dressed as a witch and the boy was a vampire… that’s what lizzy chose for us this year. 

all saints day and all souls day and dia de los muertos

so- today i have my candles for everyone who has passed.

who needs to turn on the lights? not us… there are a lot of candles i had to light!

lizzy asked, “why all the candles mommy? “

so i told her this is our way of remembering the people that we have lost through out the years…i told her who each of the candles were for – so that she knew who they each represent.  

at 4 she understands death having lost 2 ggp’s this year— among all the others. 

funny enough- she had decided to wear all black today. she get’s me on a whole different level.  yeah- she’s my spooky girl!  

it’s funny how much kids really get and understand.