first day of a new year!

this one is for the books.

after a very long night (last night) and staying up super late, i for whatever reason woke up feeling awake, alive and energized. 

our last day of 2011 was spent together as a family. eating steak and lobster and shrimp, black eyed peas (which we’re also snacking on today for continued luck throughout the new year) and lovely salad of baby greens, while sipping champagne (sparkling french berry soda for lizzy) and other libations, we ended the year with full bellies and feeling happy, fulfilled and satisfied. 

of course late nights hanging with the boy always lends itself to amazing conversations. we can get into some pretty interesting topics and not quite see eye to eye- but still appreciate eachothers view points… 

so today- first day of the new year, and i feel like i’m ready to take out the fine china and put some stuff on my plate. that’s really a metaphor for what lies ahead. the past few days we’ve collectively come up with some great ideas, and i’m feeling really inspired. 

the world is my oyster and i’m wanting a pearl necklace.

it’s safe to say that i’m in a very good place – which is the perfect mindset to start off 2012 and begin something new. and still feel like i’m also giving a nod to my roots- so to speak- and well- yeah… but really more like a HELL YEAH!! 

i wish i could be standing on a beach right now- looking at the sun set upon the horizon;  my personal forecast would be:  today, not a cloud is in sight and the future is looking bright, very bright!!