i am not a morning person

i really should go to bed earlier, maybe even at a decent time… 3 and 4 hours of sleep a night was OK when I was younger, but these days I could use 16 hours a day of sleep! 

i really need to find a way to make myself go to bed earlier, so i can get a decent night’s sleep. maybe i’ll try and be good starting monday.

right now i have my cuddle pug snoring next to me, and the other 2 are snoring away on their pillow

gosh- i really need a nap, think i’ll take one!

anything you need-

you can find it at the market, anything you need you can find it at the market.

yeah- there’s a new house favorite blowing up the airwaves here at the house.

listening to mac miller – and sure we’re not “high on life” (pun intended) the same way he is, but the kid has some good rhymes and his lyrics are smart. 

lizzy and i got back a little bit ago from seeing a play at the straz theater – a 3 person play of beauty & the beast. it was really cute and very interactive for lizzy. she had such a good time and we met “sticks” after the show… now she’s wanting to see another play soon. 

been doing a lot of fun things for schoolwork with the kiddo. she is super excited to almost be done with her preK books because she wants to start doing kindergarten stuff soon. i like that she’s interested in doing her home school work for the most part- she just doesn’t like writing her letters… so i’ve come up with a few ways to get her interested in that.

speaking of- she needs to help me with a few whydex posts this week, i’ve been busy with boxacross and haven’t posted to the homeschool blog either— like i’ve said before, too many blogs so little time…

one blog too many

i’ve been working on a few different blogs, keeping myself more than busy, so i haven’t been posting much. 

not that i have millions of people waiting for me to post, but i’ve been busy living life and not writing about it. i’m also bad with taking pictures to “capture the moment” which is bad since there’s about a 2 year chunk of lizzy’s life that i think i’ve only taken a handful of actual photos… again living life and being immersed in the experience rather than worrying about having proof. 

but i do need to get better about that – the photo taking part of it, for her sake so she’ll have photos to look back on.

but i’m off track!!

so yeah – life…

here’s the february update

it’s funny how we really are about the simple things in life. maybe it’s the hermit in me liking things simple or it’s something that comes with age. on that i could write a book. 

homeschooling has been fun- that’s one (more like 2) of my blogs that i’ve been trying to put together. i have 2 separate blogs since one is for me to post what we’ve done- things of interest and ideas about creativity; while the other blog is more of an index for lizzy, focusing on concepts and ideas that she comes up with… 

these are the days i wish i was shiva, i could use a few extra arms to get it all done.

but somethng tells me with those extra arms not only would i have a difficult time finding a shirt to wear, but i’d probably just grab a blanket and take a nap.

i’m also working on my beauty blog- that’s been fun and lizzy’s been helping with that too. i’m a little behind and backlogged but i guess that is good; i hopefully won’t run out of content and ideas.

i’m really doing all this — including TGJ for me, not for anything or anyone else, so if i did run out of content that would mean i’d be closer to that nap, right?

i did a little bit of sewing yesterday. i had bought an outfit for lizzy and the waist was too big (of course) because the shorts didn’t have the adjustable waistline. she has my tiny waist so sometimes things have to be taken in. that was my fault. pretty much everything has to be full on elastic all the way around or adjustable. it’s too bad the target line discontinues doing most of their line with the adjustable waistlines! ;( 

since i’ve been sewing, or rather thinking about sewing, i’ve decided to take some of the material i have lying around and make a pillowcase style top/dress for lizzy, and i might make a top for myself too. 

in other news, we had some unexpected and uninvited guests at the house lately. seems that both sides of the family decided to converge… of course i’m speaking of termites!! yep, not just the dry wood kind but the subterranean one too. nothing like getting a double dose of this old bungalow reality. terminix was out yesterday and we got the full on termite treatment. luckily we caught everything in the early stages so we didn’t have to tent! one small catastrophe overcome!!

i think the plumbing is next… seems our shower has lost most of the water pressure, so i fear it’s a leak… we aren’t having any issues any where else in the house. 

funny how when you start to get ahead something pops up and monkey wrenches the even flow status quo.

it’s crazy that we’re already in march. 

we have a MILESTONE birthday this year for lizzy – i can’t believe she’s almost 5!! and then me, are you sure i’ll be 40? 

i demand a recount!