hope everyone had a nice and peaceful memorial day… thank you to all our vets, those still with us and those who have passed, for your personal sacrifice to keeping the home-front safe!

damnit flo

florence is my least favorite relative…

enough said.

this month has started with quite a buzz, pun intended if you were thinking termites! we’re still seeing a few here and there after a second trip from the initial terminix visit. it may just spark a third call for treatment.

lizzy and i have been busy little bee’s this month. she’s been focused on getting through her PRE-K stuff and it seems like she’s pretty good for breezing through the kindergarten stuff too! 

we did all our recital photos last week… lizzy takes great photos it was difficult to choose which pose to get for her ad we took out! my little dancer, those toes always pointed, chin level to the ground, thumbs hidden and shoulders back… she’s really loving it all!

and she’s 5 – which floors me to think that she’s growing up so fast!

she had a great birthday party and now this month is full of returning the RSVP. we have 3 parties on schedule and one we’re waiting to get a time for… all her little friends are so sweet!! it’s funny how they all have birthdays in the same week, but they all don’t know eachother! lol

petsumi is growing slowly. i’m having fun with it – been making new friends on the site, and the people who are using it are liking it.

boxacross was neglected last week – busy with lizzy, so this week i need to take a bunch of photos and get some new posts done. i think i’ve earned a free box from julep from my referrals— so as long as people are using my referral links, i’ll hopefully get some more boxes sent to me from all the other subscription services i’ve been reviewing SOON!! 

right now – i think i’ll curl up on the sofa so sebastian can keep my feet warm and thumper can lay on my tummy. 

damnit flo!

no good deed…

goes un-punished.

i tried to get the trees that hang over the house taken care of since we’re heading into hurricane season… rodney and his handy helper came over this morning to do the job… and well, now we need the deck railing repaired. apparently his friend wasn’t holding onto the rope tight enough, and the tree came crashing down onto the back deck. 

luckily, it wasn’t the roof (silver lining) but josh is not pleased, so he decided to head into work… yeah.

to make the situation even that much more unbearable my 3 guard pugs are barking every time they hear something or see anything move in the back yard. fun fun fun!

not sure if he;s going to do the second tree- since his first attempt has him doing an additional repair… we shall see.

the termites have swarmed in the house for a second time, so once again i’ve called terminix to come and re-treat our situation… this summer is going to be a real doosie. geepers! i’ll be ready for that vacation!

today i ran out to get a pizza for dinner. lizzy had her ballet photos on monday and we have acro photos today. recital is sneaking up on us and will be here before we know it.

while out for pizza i saw TASTY KAKES… tasty cakes remind me of my nana, so i bought a box of the chocolate ones (even though i like the koffee kakes more) and lizzy and i are going to eat them for a snack in a bit and remember my nana.