SO while all the local kids are heading back to school, we’re heading to the home school class room… also known as the blue room.

last week we got our official letter from the county letting us know they have lizzy listed as a home school student. HOW EXCITING!! we worked on a school mascot and motto and have been getting used to our very busy schedule. by the end of the day, we’re both tired. lol

my crockpot has been getting more use… it’s a great way to have dinner ready to go when we get in at 6:30-ish rather than cooking and eating at 7:30. today i’m doing an italian crockpot chicken with root veggies.  the boy has been obsessing about bread making, so he’s been in the kitchen the past 2 weeks making loaves of bread. home made bread is just so-o good (especially when it’s fresh out of the oven). speaking of fresh- we have been trying out a local harvest delivery service. they deliver organic fruits and veggies every week to the house, it’s pretty cool so far and the fruit has been gobbled up by la petite.

speaking of lizzy, she’s been having fun with home schooling. kindergarten has been a lot of hands on and stuff. she’s been excited to do more reading which is an added bonus! she’s also been loving her dance classes. she’s learning a lot with the new class structure and i think JAZZ is her thing!! lol jazz and ballet… she wants to do lyrical and hip hop, but we have about 2 years before she can take those classes.  her cartwheels and backbends are also getting really good, soon she’ll be doing walkovers!! 

in other non-dance related news, bambi turned 8 last week. last night she had me a bit worried. her tummy was gurgling a lot and she didn’t want to sleep in the other room… so being the good mommy that i am, i slept on the sofa with her all snuggled up next to me and that seemed to make her feel better.  

yeah ALL my kids are spoiled. 

missed me much?

WOW, this summer has been a busy one. 

we made it through our recital (mid june) and had 3 weeks off. i took that time to organize the house and spend some time relaxing… went to some birthday parties, worked on my makeup blog and my pet website — **which by the way if you are reading this post and have a pet why haven’t you shown me you love me by creating a profile for your pet and supporting my little endeavor? (misfittpug – you’re already there hun!!)

just saying – so the 2 or three of you that haven’t yet… just do it ;p

as for the make up blog, i’ve been reviewing all the subscription boxes that i get, you can check it out at box one of my posts had a photo of lizzy – which the company used in an online contest, earning lizzy a free box of stuff! 

ok so yeah been doing that.

then lizzy had dance camp.  we decided to do 2 weeks instead of three. celebrated my 40th birthday and had a lot of fun surviving that shocker… and actually saw most of my family (stefany included) on my special day.  that was a good surprise!! 😉

let’s see… oh lizzy made ENCORE which is the performance group for the 5-6 year olds at the dance studio. it’s a group of 5 (maybe 6) little girls. she LOVE to dance! we have 4 mandatory classes for her so i’ll be driving to the studio a lot- but it’s worth it. this is one of those moments when i’m thankful we only have one kiddo, even though looking back 2 would have been good. 

through ENCORE lizzy (and I) have a new group of people, our dance family, that we’ve been spending time with. there’s a lot of sisterhood and camaraderie between this group. some of her friends are in the MINIs now, but they all look after her like big sisters.

lizzy had her first slumber party! i was invited to stay and help out, so that one mom didn’t have the pleasure of being alone. i think us moms had just as much fun as the girls! 

this week we have been gearing up for school. dance classes have started and we’re getting used to our new schedule for the year. next week we’ll be in home school – full swing mode. this is going to be a super exciting year. filled with learning and working and dancing and conventions and competitions.  

i;m thankful i’m able to be able to be with lizzy with everything going on. she’s growing up so-o fast, but she’s still my little girl.


well – time to get ready for our play-date today! 

busy busy busy