falling into autumn

first day of my favorite season, and we spent the day at islands of adventure. 

weather was perfect, there were hardly any wait times above 5 minutes for the rides we wanted to do, and we spent our afternoon in seusslanding and the WWOHP. dinner at bubba gumps and then played a spooktacular round of mini golf at the hollywood drive in minigolf place in citywalk. 

lizzy has been doing great in ALL her dance classes. with 6 classes and her solo, she’s somehow still wanting MORE classes. my kid lives to dance. we have a lot of competitions and conventions coming up in the 2013 dance year… she’s excited about her first CARWASH coming up soon. 

her solo is looking really good, she has 45 seconds of it done so far, in 3 sessions!! and she’s really learning it and remembering it and practicing every day!! her other ENCORE classes have also started on choreography and she’s so focused, she’s loving being a part of this group!! 

home schooling has been really fun. last month she made a volcano science project with daddy, so we’ve been watching a lot of shows on discover america and the discovery channel all about hawaii and the islands and volcanos… she’s trying to work daddy over for a trip to see volcanoes “maybe when she’s 16 or 18.” lol and while she was at it, she also mentioned that she wanted to also “go on a cruise ship to alaska, so we can see the whales in the oceans.” somehow she’s trying to triage her learning into some fun vacation spots… she’s too cute!!

this month (october) i think they will be working on a solar system with daddy, so maybe she’ll add a trip on a rocket into outer space to her list of vacation destinations!!

things have been going great here, josh has become an artisan bread maker in his spare time. yesterday he made home made onion rolls for dinner – we did roast beef and havarti dill sammies… YUM!!

we’ve been staying really busy!! that means (attempting) to get to bed before 2am and waking up around just before 8am… i wish days had just a few more hours in them, but i know to be careful of what i wish for.

well there is so much more to post about, but DWTS is on and joey fatone is tearin up the dance floor!! so on that note — peace out!!

here comes the rain again…

today (sunday) i decided to run errands, got everything done for the week. took the boy and mini-me along for the ride and had lunch at whole foods… i really have grown fond of whole foods and our organic produce delivery service (non-related) and josh’s home made breads. 

laundry is in the dryer, have a list of stuff to do this week- the list never seems to grow smaller.

so happy and relieved that my friend T is going to watch the kids while we are on vacation! one less thing to have to worry about!! speaking of the kids, we got some new toys and one is a circular tire that you hide treats in- and thumper get’s very vocal and i swear he’s talking and cursing us out saying something to the tune of, “i want that nom nom.” i can’t be making that up!!

have a busy week ahead of us… so awake and adding to my list of stuff to be done… i really should head to bed sometime soon!!

september is here

labor day weekend was fun.

got a flat tire friday night and had to wait for AAA to come out and change the spare( needed air) then we managed to head out to an irish pub and WOB to have some fun

then saturday, we went to the wizzarding world of harry potter with j2 and the gang. 

we had a great time and the boy and mini-me had so much fun. lizzy’s favorite part of the day was shopping with J2 and of course her kids favorite times were riding the big kid rides with me!! go figure!! 🙂

it was a long day, but a lot of fun.

sunday we rested and today we’re laying low!!