counting backwards

we’re all on the countdown. lizzy asks the boy when we’re going on our cruise and he says, “ask your mom.” yeah i’m counting down until we go. miss T came over to meet the pugpack and everyone loved her; thumper even laid on her lap, so i feel good leaving my kids with her while we’re out to sea.

the next couple of weeks have me scrambling to clean and organize and pack and prepare! today on our list of things to do was our family flu shots. even daddy went to get his shot – better safe than sorry! 

lizzy has been keeping me busy. yesterday as part of our homeschooling and learning about animals (science classes with hands on stuff and being outdoors is the best) we went to a champagne stables and lizzy had her first horseback riding lesson. she spent a half hour learning about horse safety and care and maintenance. she got to brush peaches the horse and clean her hooves, and learn about her riding equipment. then she had a half hour riding lesson! lizzy had a great time and can’t wait til next week when we have our next lesson! 

see? looks like someone had a great first ride! 

let’s see… i’ve been working on my beauty blog and getting that up and going. putting together a little sample box of some goodies that i have in my big bin of samples! i only have so much skin to try out everything! LOL

last week lizzy and i had lunch with an old friend. that was a fun time. we spent the afternoon in ybor and did some window shopping afterwards.

lizzy has been loving dance class and working on her solo. it’s coming along really nicely. we now need to get her costume made… her other classes have some great choreography and the girls all look so cute and are doing a great job learning their dances. 

next week is another busy week, lizzy and i are going to the WDW MMNSSHP some friends. GIRLS NIGHT OUT!! we’ll be spending the night at one of the all star hotels… the girls are really excited. 

so much to do!!

octotber is my favorite month, i love this time of year… i think the onset of the cooler weather invigorates me. the cooler weather brings a slight breeze, which i love because my windchimes are making quite a nice racket on the front porch!

quiet time

after the clock strikes 12, i’ve been in a very quiet house lately. not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

josh has been heading to bed early the past few weeks, but i’m still ever a night owl. i should attempt to get to bed at a more respectable time, because these early mornings are not my cup of tea, to say the least. however i’ve been watching some really great movies, and that’s been fun.

tonight i took advantage of this late evening to work on my boxacross blog and get a few posts set up. tomorrow i’ll be taking photos and maybe a short video to get them completed, then schedule to auto-post in the upcoming week! 

too many blogs and ideas and too little focus and time to get everything done that i’m coming up with. which reminds me that i have 2 other blogs that i should be doing something with, and 2 other ideas that would be something good to do, but the concepts aren’t quite there yet… so back burner they sit upon.

i know christmas will be here before i know it; i haven’t even decorated for halloween yet! with the cruise coming up soon (counting down the days until we embark upon the open waters) i’m thinking that this year i will keep the halloween effects to a simple and semi-tasteful mantle piece!