just over broke= JOB

i am beyond broke… and it is time to look for more lucrative employment. i’ve been on a few interviews, and by tomorrow i should know if i have something, or not… fingers are crossed.

happy birthday!

ok today is my birthday. i had the best un-birthday birthday this weekend. the boy took me to the contemporary resort and we had a great view of the magic kingdom. the girl at the front desk sent up balloons and a photo of minnie mouse, personally addressed to me, so i was exxxcited. we had a great dinner at the california grill, i have to highly reccommend the filet. cuts with a butter knife!

the next day we went to epcot and walked around for a bit. got some great photos from all around the world. (which can be seen on my moblog)

today it’s a dreary, rainy, gray day. just the way i like them. we’re going out for sushi tonight…
happy birthday to me!!