Trigger Warning: Highschool LOCKDOWN BOMB THREAT feeling thankful

Yesterday, while at school, my daughter experienced a LOCKDOWN situation When I first got the email notification, I thought it was just a routine drill. I texted the kiddo, “Hey, what’s going on at school, LOCKDOWN?” She responded immediately with a, “YES… we have no idea what’s going on.” She […]

Warning : Be careful what you wish for! Embrace Downsizing.

Making a big life decision. We’re embracing minimalism, downsizing our 2400 sqft house and will be moving into 1600 sqft. This change has happened upon me and the family very quickly. Over the past few months I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about downsizing and minimalism, and organization […]

NEW Universal Yums review UPDATED for 2021 Unique snacks from around the world!

Covid-19 has made world wide travel a less likely option these days. Whilst dreaming of jetting off to far away places, it makes me… HUNGRY! I find a great way to experience a culture or country is through the food and SNACKS. That’s why I have a subscription to Universal […]

Dear Covid, a short message from 2020. Love, thatgirljen

It’s been more than a while since I’ve posted on thatgirljen. When Covid-19 spread across the globe, much of the world stopped in its tracks. Priorities shifted as things changed and life was re-evaluated. With all the influx of conflicting information, it’s been the blind leading the deaf. No one […]