I’m sharing MY 5 ways on how to create a SOFT LIFE

What is SOFT LIFE?

Lately I’ve been reading about SOFT LIFE and videos are starting to pop up all over the internet. Everyone seems to be whispering about SOFT LIFE.

Since I’ve been “adulting” for over 30 years, I thought I had a few pearls of wisdom to share.

There’s a few different “ideas” about what SOFT LIFE is; meaning it’s open for interpretation and and there’s no set rules or definition.

When I think of SOFT LIFE, 5 areas come to mind.

  • be soft with yourself
  • find inner peace
  • create a space of tranquility
  • make time for self care
  • have a positive mental attitude

It all may sound like the same old advice, but SOFT LIFE more about your mindset and approach to your daily life, and how you react and respond to the world around you.


I hope so! Check out my vlog on YouTube where I go more in-depth about how to start living a SOFT LIFE and how to apply the my 5 easy steps.

See ya there~

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