Frankly darling, hit the deck Scarlet!

Deck of Scarlet, a curated makeup palette subscription. If you’re always looking for a palette that “has it all in one place” then this is for you. I jumped onto the Deck of Scarlet product the month it was launched. There’s been a few tweaks along the way, and their products are never the same. In a good way though! Each month (their subscription began as an every other month service) a newly curated makeup collection is presented. You choose which ones you would like to have delivered, and which to skip. You have options! 🙂 (You can opt for a monthly subscription, or every other month selection, and choose to have a palette delivered or to skip a palette.)

The price? Just 29.95 a month! Not too shabby.

Now what do you get and how about the product itself?

EVERY palette in their collection contains:

  • 3 eye shadows
  • 2 cheek/face colors (blush, highlighter etc)
  • 2 lip colors
  • sometimes there’s an added *bonus item (like lip liner, eye liner, glow gloss)

Many of these collections are curated by different online makeup artist, usually found on Youtube. Some of the looks are bold, daring and I’d dare to say avant-garde. I really like the eyeshadows as a whole, the colors go on smooth, and blend pretty well. Texture of the cheek colors is nice, the lip gloss can sometimes be a little thick.

What I’ve noticed is that, the 3 eye colors are usually ALL medium toned, so for me there’s not a lot I can accomplish with the palette, being fair skinned. I have a few different collections, and so for as excited as I am to see them and use them, I feel they sometimes miss the mark with presenting a color story that can be used 100% without a few things from my personal collection. I do sometimes use the cheek color on my eyes, to make-do.

What I really like about DoS is that they’re always putting out a new collection, so there’s variety. And although the monthly makeup palettes are “exclusive” many are still available for purchase after the month has passed. Every month you can have a different look, and really get out of your makeup rut with some fun and interesting looks.

They also have some good tutorials on their site to help you create the look! For the price, it’s really great! So I’m always intrigued with each palette. Best of all, I can decided what to get sent my way, and what to pass on.

So, if you’re intrigued, and searching for a palette use my referral link and get started for 29.95. With summer fast approaching, you’re bound to be traveling somewhere, and the DoS palettes are a great thing to take along. You’ll have pretty much a complete look at your fingertips in one handy little palette!

Review of Imperfect Produce

I love shopping for groceries. Is that weird? Maybe it’s because I have 2 amazing H-E-B grocery stores near my house. (People in TX know what I’m talking about.)

But what does that all have to do with Imperfect Produce?

Well, back in December, a new home delivery service became available in my area and I had to check it out.

Meet Imperfect Produce!

As per the about page on – “More than 20% of the fruits and vegetables grown in America never make it off the farm because they aren’t perfect enough for grocery store standards.”

I decided to give Imperfect Produce a try, as a way to get out of the box with our weekly meal prep. By using Imperfect, I’m selecting surplus and imperfect items, that saves us a bit of ca$h, while also utilizing “ugly” fruits and veggies.


What I like about Imperfect Produce:

  • I get to pre-select what I will receive in my box (based on availability) so I can customize the contents and the size of my box, and plan our week of meals.
  • I can select how often I receive a delivery: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • The shipping fee is a flat $4.99! That’s less expensive than getting a pizza delivered!
  • It exposes me to items I didn’t know I wanted! LOL
my small box included: broccoli, shallots, sweet potatoes, apples, zucchini, carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, and pears.

There’s always something that catches my eye when “building my box” for delivery. That’s usually a fruit of veggie that I wouldn’t normally gravitate to, but it makes me source a recipe to do something different for dinner.

The prices seem in line with what I’d pay at my grocery store, and some items are even less expensive! This was an actual small box- as selected by IP. The total charge was 17.99 ($13 + $4.99 delivery fee.)

The only down-side has been getting some fruits and veggies that are not always “normal” size. But that’s half the fun. One box I received 2 onions, that we’re “odd shaped” but really they were just gigantic onions. Like each onion was the size of 2 large onions. Another time we received broccoli that was on the small side, and garlic heads that were missing the paper, but that was actually awesome, less peeling.

What’s great is when customizing your delivery box, you know WHY the produce was considered “Imperfect” either due to size or shape, tree or branch scarring, insect damage, or surplus items. So you can choose accordingly, and know why your items are deemed imperfect.

Imperfect Produce is not available in all areas yet, however they do have a sign-up list. This helps them to decide which market areas are interested in using their service.

So, if you eat food, like fruits and veggies, want to try something different or looking for convenience, click on my link and check them out.

I don’t get paid for this review, however if you use my link, I may be eligible for a referral bonus, and you’ll save $10 on your first box! Sounds like a win-win situation to me. 🙂

A Real LetterJoy Review

I find it odd. When searching for actual customer reviews and testimonials for the LetterJoy, there aren’t many.


If you haven’t heard about LetterJoy, it’s a subscription that sends one historic letter a week to your mail box. Their tag is something like: “History’s best letters to your door”

The boy gifted me a 3 month subscription this Christmas. When I heard what he picked out for me, I was geeked. This was going to be the gift that kept on giving, and I was eager to also get their educational letters since we homeschool.

HOWEVER… I’ve had 3 separate issues and have been given the runaround by whomever mans their FB messenger – which is where I contacted them to (hopefully) resolve my issue(s).

My general overview and review of the LETTERJOY service is: cool concept, but too many glitches, lackluster customer support, and I feel they still haven’t rectified my account situation. In short, I was awarded TWO WHOLE ADDITIONAL LETTERS “for my troubles” and still crossing my fingers, toes and eyes whilst I await their arrival!! Below is my blanket review of LetterJoy for anyone that cares to read:

Got LetterJoy as a gift. Have had 3 separate issues with my account. Since this was a gift, I contacted them through their FB messenger. My first letter arrived (late- but I figured NBD) was excited, and happy… at first. Then my second letter arrived with 2 duplicate pages. I contacted c/s- was told they wouldn’t send a replacement- that they would add a letter to the end of my subscription (after a lot of verbal run around)… ok- so incomplete letter #2 – letter #3 never even arrived. I live in a pretty big city, no inclimate weather conditions, and got ALL my other mail timely. After a lot of back and forth I was given excuses, and ambiguous solutions that I had to ask for actual clarification… more than once. SUPER FRUSTRATING. Felt like I was dealing with a bot. As it stands, I’m NOW awaiting letters #2 and #3 – which I have been advised they are resending, and then hopefully whatever else is supposed to arrive as per my gift subscription – oh and TWO whole additional letters “for my troubles” As of now, I’m definitely underwhelmed. Hopefully others haven’t had my same negative experience with their customer service. It’s a cool concept and I was totally geeked when I found out about my gift… BUT- it doesn’t feel like Christmas every week when I open my mailbox and get NOTHING!!