Yesterday, while at school, my daughter experienced a LOCKDOWN situation

When I first got the email notification, I thought it was just a routine drill.

I texted the kiddo, “Hey, what’s going on at school, LOCKDOWN?”

She responded immediately with a, “YES… we have no idea what’s going on.”

She then went to share what all her friends and fellow students were talking about and attempting to deduce. So many different stories, and no one knew for sure what it was.

Was there a someone on campus, did someone have a gun, is it a bomb threat?


I stayed on the phone texting her for the next 2 and a half hours.

I made sure to remind her to stay calm.

I asked her to keep me in the loop, and to keep texting me so that I knew she was OK.

More importantly, I told her I loved her and that everything was going to be fine.

Thankfully, the school officials- faculty and staff, along with firs responders, bomb squad and dogs canvassed the school and grounds. They did their sweep and gave the all clear.

wanted to immediately get into the car and pick her up from school. This never happened when we homeschooled. We had always been in our safe little bubble. But I had to put trust in the system to do the right thing and keep my baby safe.

Traffic into the school was a nightmare as per the neighborhood info, so I remained home and waited for LP. I was so glad when she got home.

Last night after extra hugs, I was asked to bunk in with her for the night. Of course we didn’t sleep much, we sat up and talked about the day, how she was feeling about everything that had happened. More importantly we chatted about the following day.

I gave her hope, even if there’s a PSAT test that has to be taken in the aftermath of an emotionally trying day.

I’m just glad she’s ok.

I’m glad all the students are ok.

BIG Thank-you to the faculty, staff, first responders and those bomb sniffing dogs… job well done.

Wanna hear more about the incident? Check out my YouTube Vlog about yesterday’s LOCKDOWN.

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