Trigger Warning: Highschool LOCKDOWN BOMB THREAT feeling thankful

Yesterday, while at school, my daughter experienced a LOCKDOWN situation When I first got the email notification, I thought it was just a routine drill. I texted the kiddo, “Hey, what’s going on at school, LOCKDOWN?” She responded immediately with a, “YES… we have no idea what’s going on.” She […]

Minimalism, Decluttering and Downsizing: Live large in a small space.

Downsizing. It’s a trend. It’s all over the YouTubes. All the cool kids are doing it, what are you waiting for? Welcome to a quick post about the past 3 months with downsizing our lives and our home. My Uncle Thom made a great comment about downsizing that sums up […]

Warning : Be careful what you wish for! Embrace Downsizing.

Making a big life decision. We’re embracing minimalism, downsizing our 2400 sqft house and will be moving into 1600 sqft. This change has happened upon me and the family very quickly. Over the past few months I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about downsizing and minimalism, and organization […]

How to apply the SEVEN deadly sins to daily life decisions.

Have you watched the movie SEVEN? If so you know the line, “What’s in the box… WHAT’S IN THE BOX?” What an amazing scene. Pitt and Freeman, Freeman and Pitt… brilliant, amazing, believable. They’re top notch actors for real. We tend to reenact that scene every time the AMAZON or […]