it looks like snow!

well not really, but i love dreary gray days… just like rainy days on mondays always get me down. they don’t, but i do love a good rainy day.
we’ve been using the fireplace a lot this week. it’s so nice to curl up on the sofa with the “kids” and daddy and watch a moo-vie and just relax. the pugs are doing really well, and 3 is a good number. sebastian is so funny. he sits like a little boy and is just so cute.
the new job is going well, for BOTH of us and things are starting to fall into place! thank my lucky stars.
julz took chester to her mom’s last week and is supposed to pick up geez after the holiday. we’re doing thanksgiving for us at the house, staying in a nd keeping it simple and quiet. i’ll have a nice 4 day weekend to start getting some cleaning, reorganizing and arranging done. getting rid of almost everything i own, since i won’t be in a size 4 or 6 or probably anything normal for the next 6-9 months. then after i loose the baby weight i can go SHOPPING for new stuff! 😉 so far i think i’ve gained 5 pounds and we’re 4 months along. funny, all this time i thought i was looking a little sloppy and i was just pregnant! my a$$ is even looking nice and round, i guess to offset the belly i’m toting in the front.
all is good in the hood.
stay warm.

breaking up…

you can fake it through everything, but friendship.
and so i have said good bye to a “friend” who has become less and less a friend, and rather a person of convenience. it’s too bad; but i thought for a while about it and realized that in my honest opinion, she hasn’t really valued my friendship for what it was truly worth.
so i broke up with her.
truly i’m a little sad that it hasn’t worked out, but the reality of life is: if you aren’t going to put more into a relationship/friendship than a phone call or two every so often, yet you’re oh so busy being a socialite with other way more- i don’t know, interesting or hipper people… well i’m not fake and i’m not trying to be something i’m not. i’m not here to impress anyone, and apparently i wasn’t as impressive as all the other cooler people. maybe if i had been she would have liked me more.
oh well, good bye

today’s scope:
for Friday, November 17:

You’re on a search-and-destroy mission — you want to stamp out anything boring, stuffy and tedious. The stars say you’ll be successful, especially if you grab all of your willing friends and take them along for the ride.

funny side note- instead of grabbing someone to take along on the ride i just lightened my load.
par for the course.

i am growing weary

weary of people who say they are friends, but never really show it. i know it’s fall and the winter season approaches- and no this is not the “pregnancy hormones” talking- but i am just about through with some of my friends. it’s funny, having a baby on the way HAS made me take inventory of those i am surrounded by. and i need to think in the end, are you my friend. for some the answer is no, and i won’t be wasting time trying to explain the reasons why or anything, other than, if you don’t know why, i feel sorry for your patheticness.
is that even a word? it should be and if not i could submit it to MW and let them know your photo (photos) should be under with the definition.
really though, in essence i am doing well and feeling good. a little tired, dare i say weary.
i have band practice tonight, but would rather stay home and take a nice hot bath and curl up on the sofa… it’s getting chilly out there.
oh well — time to go!

what a week!

no more wine, martini’s, fast food!!! we’ve been eating really well, going on 30 minute walks once a day and talking to my tummy. what a switcher-roo!
that being said we’ve had to make some changes around the house. i had to let go of some of my puppies. it was a difficult decision, but necessary. 3 puppies, 2 dogs and 2 cats would be a handful with a newborn. so thursday night flower went to his new home. i’m going to miss that rambunxious bundle of energy. he was my babay loves and i loved my big boy. belle was picked up last night, she had the sweetest face and was such a lovie… it’s weird not having 5 dogs trail me around. we decided to keep sebastian, he’s such a mellow dude and he is the best couch potato! juls said her mom will take chester and she will take the geez, so i hope that is still on, that would really help us out tremendously!
now for the stuff you’ve been waiting for… the 411 on baby stuffs:
i am 15 weeks along and the proposed due date is may 1. we’ve decided on names already, which is so weird to even grasp that concept. it’s really good though. everyone always says it’s a blessing in disguise, and it really is. i mean we made it… so hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will go as smoothly. only 6 months to go.

i have to tell you…

i’m pregnant. yep. there’s a little one growing inside of me. this past friday i took yet another test and it came up positive. i’ve missed like 3 periods, but i haven’t had a normal cycle for the past year, so i figured it wasn’t anything to worry about.
i told josh at 6am saturday morning. and by the day’s end the family were informed, i needed a nap and that was that.
we’re excited at this unexpected arrival. josh is in full daddy mode and today he bought my first pair of pregnancy pants. yeah everything is fitting so tight and uncomfortable that i really needed them, NEEDED!! it’s weird. i used to have a 24-25 inch waist line, now i’m afaid to measure it. i will say my boobs are getting bigger 😉 and that’s a perk.


it’s friday… well it’s 12:01 am and i really do need to get to bed. i finally got confirmation late tuesday afternoon and got the new job. i started started on wednesdaythe first. hopefully i can get caught up soon and start helping out with the bills.
woo hoo!
the treehouse affair is coming along, worked on a new song tonight, it’s pretty cool. i’m hoping we can get it solid at next practice so we’ll be well on our way to playing out.
well i’m sleepy and need to get some rest! this week has kicked my butt all aroiund the playground in more ways than one.