taco tuesday has been replaced with our band schedule. so we now have enjoyed taco sabado! i have to say that i can make one hell of a taco. have u sen my taco… hee hee hee
anyways… i’ve been super lazy this weekend. did a little cleaning and got rid of some more clothes. tomorrow i rid myself of some shoes and other miscellaneous stuff. still need to reorganize my room to make way for josh’s stuff. i’m hoping that by the end of january we’re getting the nursery underway. i cant believe i’m 5 months pregnant!

i forgot to tell you:

it’s a GIRL!!
Elizabeth Paige is due around 1 may. i’m just at the half way mark and have gained 9 pounds! i’m really getting round. we’re super excited and after the holiday and the tree is down we will begin operation nursery/ baby time.
funny how having a baby on board changes your perspective. i recently started a new job and am really learning a lot, it’s a good challenge, i like it!
we’re thinking about an actual date for getting married, i’m thinking vegas or wait til 1 april…
i’ve been “spring cleaning” and getting things in order.
between friends and family- i have a good support system. josh has been amazing. it’s so weird how we’re really getting ready for all of this.
my closet is growing baren, but other than that all is good 😉

in a week-

-we find out what’s inside, and get a better idea of how far along i am. my belly is getting more and more circular as the days pass.
work is going well, staying busy but craving a nap at the mid day mark. it would be nice to win the lottery or something but reality says having a job is the responsible thing to do, plus winning big in the lottery will never actually happen to me.
we, i mean the boy, cleaned the house this weekend. it’s looking pretty good around here. one thing at a time. the pugs are doing well with the addition of the tree, surprise surprise!! we still have the geez and josh has a new found allergy to cats, so that’s been a ton of fun. doesn’t look like julie is taking him, so i have no idea what we’re gonna do about him…
been going through my clothes and slowly reorganizing the closets. it’s sad to have nothing to wear,and i’m starting to show, so i must do some shopping but i’m waiting til after the holiday since the malls are so crazy this time of year.
speaking of, i think we got all the kids done for christmas, and i just need to finish with 1 thing for josh. i hope it’s available when i go get it.
well, i’m sleepy so i’m gonna get to bed early tonight 😉

he said / she said

me:— “wow i’m getting really big, look at my belly… well at least i don’t have back fat!!”
boy:— “your pussy feels different now”