called to catch up with my nana today. haven’t heard much from the other side of the bridge so i wanted to see how she is doing… she seemed to be in pretty good spirits, and was happy to hear from me. i really need to get a new round of photos developed so she can see some recent pictures of EP. she’s growing up so fast!!

speaking of EP- right now she is pouring blueberries from one bowl to another— she’s “cooking” breakfast even though we had breakfast 3 hours ago!!

yesterday i did a little gardening. after this week’s proposed rain i want to rearrange my herb garden. i think it’s time for a little beautification. i’ll be planting some wild flowers in some troughs across the back of the trellised area to liven my little space up a bit… i still can get my rosemary or lavender to flower…

holy vacation week batman!!

the boy has to worktoday and tomorrow, then has vacation til next week. we’re planning on going shelling at sanibel one day, and we have the 4th planned with shoshi and her family. i’ll be making my paradise salsa and something else- what i’m not sure yet… i think there’s something else we have planned to do as family time since daddy will be home, might as well make the most of it. there are a lot of local things we can do to keep it on the cheap.

went to ON this weekend for their baithing suit sale. i found 2 tops, but no bottoms since all the size mediums were gone baby gone. but i do have my baithing skirt that will work with both tops- so that’s not a total lost cause!! EP’s been a great little helper, when she’s not hauling all her toys out. this weekend she was such a master chef. while i was making dinner last night she got so upset that she couldn’t help.  she’s been doing pretty good with the potty training, but we’re no where near out of the diaper phase just yet. this week with daddy’s help we;re trying to go diaperless for part of her day- to see if that helps. my side of the blue room has been in disarray. we simply need more space. maybe i’ll reconfuigure the closet again. i really should get some sewing done. that would help alleviate some of my chaos. they boy (abd bridge) have reminded me about my bump’r idea and maybe that’s a direction i need to put some focus on… who knows, it could be a million dollar idea just waiting to happen.

well, it’s time to get to cleaning the house!!

la petite chef

i have the best little helper. tonight EP helped make crepes for dinner. her job was to put a pinch of salt on the crepe, followed by a sprinkle of sharp cheddar cheese. i was in charge of the applewood smoked ham, then she added more cheese and i rolled them up so we could warm them in the oven. i love that she wants to help me do all sorts of things. she also has a few “chores” that she helps with, like feeding the dogs, and putting everyone’s clean socks away and shoes lined up in the hallway.

one of the things i’m hoping to do is put together a cookbook for EP as she’s growing up. this way she’ll have our family recipies to use, and add to to once she has her own faimily. then it can be passed from generation to generation. i’m also adding my grandma’s banana bread to the cookbook- everyone that has it says’s it’s the best they’ve ever had… i’ve tweaked it a little to make it my own 😉 so this book of food will be an ongoing work in progress…

well i’m stuffed after tonight’s dinner… and she ate all her crepes and some tomatoe soup.

i think i might do blueberry and ricotta crepes for breakfast for something different to use up the last of the leftover ricotta from lazagna this week…

perfect timing

we drove through the rain, but once we arrived at the A-team’s liar it was nothing but sunshine overhead. we had a great time at the pool. LizzyP and i had our pink and black baithing suits on. after some pool time la petite decided she wanted to lay pool side on a lounge chair. it was the cutest thing, she had her sunglasses on and laid back to catch a few rays and dry off before headingback for lunch. of course just as i got back onto I4 the sky opened up in a deluge as i drove from orlando to home in nothing but a downpour.

perfect timing!!

daddy has vacation days next week, so i’m hoping to make a day either at sanibel or augustine… summertime is here 😉

not today!!

i love the sound of the rain falling. right outside my bedroom window it makes such a nice calming effect, that it makes it even more difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

but not today!! it’s not supposed to be raining!! we have plans to go over to orlando and visit the A-team and this weather is going to dampen our day. it looks like it’s going to be a wet one for most of the morning. this is not good ;(

well time to call the A girl and see what we should do…


so after a trying day at work, daddy called to say he wanted steak for dinner. there is something magical about a perfectly grilled steak to make the day all right. EP made a feast with the steak and sauted mushrooms and corn on the cob that vanished from her plate. i still can’t believe i ate my whole 10 oz, although i was beyond stuffed for the rest of the evening.

well it’s time to watch a moo-vie now!!

biff burger

when in da berg, you hafta get a biff burger with extra biff sauce… it’s a must!!

got to go to the MD today… fun fun. the good news is this broke down palce is now 3 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight!! woo-hoo…

making lazagna for dinner tonight. that’s always a good thing for left overs. it’s always better the second day for sure. right now daddy is killing zombies with lizzy’s help.

listening to

mash ups. there are a few combinations that are really well put together.

lizzyP has picked out her own out fit for today, from head to toe,and it’s pretty much a deent matching job.  she has decleared that it is time to go out shopping. she even has a few credit cards in her front pocket, so i think she wants to head to the mall to do some damage. she’s so funny.

i guess i should get ready too, someone’s gotta drive her.

i feel-


i have a lot of energy today. need to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. i hven’t been in the mood to cook, so i’m running out of creative ways to make chicken… i’m craving a nice steak so maybe we can grill out this weekend (weather permitting of course.)  i’m also starting my vanilla extract this weekend. it seems super easy to make. i bought more pods so i can make some extra batches once i perfect my flavoring. i love the smell of vanilla!!

as for things to do:

josh just got the new EA sports game for the Wii so i think we will give that a go this weekend. my herb garden needs some rearranging in the back yard, so if the weather is sunny, i’ll be working on that. i also have a few shirts that i need to alter. so i might get some sewing done. and i want to get all the painting done in the house by the end of july. there still are a few things that need to be completed. i’m waiting for EP’s new toddler bed sheets to arrive so i can find fabic to make her new curtains… i still need to find fabric for the living room and bed room and i still haven’t found a fabric that i am happy with for the blue room, so i may need to go in a different direction. oh and rumer has it that the boy might straighten up the “music storage area” which would be nice 😉 but he’s been working on a lot of extra side projects in addition to working his 40, so i’m not expecting too much to happen in that department.

it’s lunch time so i should get that ready for la petite monster. she should be getting up soon.

two for 2

once again today, almost like clockwork, LizzyP did us proud.

as a mommy i get excited about sh!t, well only EP’s pooh. it’s funy to have her sit on her potty and tell me frimly that she is not done. i’m hoping that this is the beginning of potty training and that she sticks to it.

i finally got to listen to the new “lines, vines and trying times” cd. there are a lot of different generes so there isn’t one specific feel to the overall product. there are a couple of great songs- i’m still all about paranoid.

in other news there is a pacifier product called baby’s best friend. it’s a huge stuffed animal with a pacifier attached to it. it’s completely ridiculous. it looks like zombie babies sucking the brains out of a stuffed animal. this makes me really think it’s time to work on my product more seriously. i mean between the BBF and the choreminder flash card system to get you kids to do their chores and get a sticker for a job well done- i could find something to sell in the world wide market place for 24.99 just like them…