frozen banana

so today i watched the dr oz show? and happened across his “healthy icecream alternative” and decided to give it a try.

his recipe was a frozen banana, some vanilla extract, a little h2o and sprinkled with nutmeg…

i decided to freeze the bananas, add some italian coffee creamer, and some hershey’s chocolate syrup. i wasn’t aiming for healthy. just thought that the chocolate banana ice-cream sounded like a tasty treat.

lizzy and i loved it!!

that’s going into her cookbook!

on the day that you were born

the angels got together,

and decided to create a dream come true.

so they  sprinkled moondust in your hair

of gold and starlight in your eyes of blue!

yep that just about says it all.

i love that song.

and i love my mini-me.

we had a nice birthday. EP woke up and opened her presents. she got the barbie princess horse, the glam kitchen and a GUITAR!! then we did lunch at kona grill, dinner at the red lobster and some mini golf to finish off the night.

with everything going on over the next few weeks/months… a party isn’t looking like it’s going to happen. lizzy was a little saddened but i think we made up for it. plus with everthing going on and coming up – she’s going to be pretty busy needless to say!

so we have a 4 year old. i can’t even wrap my brain around it. i look at her with so much happiness and amazement, and think to myself how lucky i am to have her!

that’s my girl!


this will be the first year we won’t be at WDW for EP’s b’day… her b’day week happens to fall with-in the blackout dates for FL RES passes… looks like we’ll be heading the week AFTER to celebrate.

oh bother!

easter weekend, EP’s b’day week, shuttle launch, vacation? mother’s day – there’s just so much going on! and the weeks leading up to all of this have been equally hectic.

i forget what day it is… well i know the day, just ot the actual date anymore- so easter and her b’day have snuck up on me so fast… time to get a crack-a-lackin!

so i think i need to construct a list (yes construct) just so i don’t forget anything important coming up, and so i can make sure i’m ready for everything.

this is going to be a long and crazy week!

badger badger badger badger, badger badger badger badger, badger  badger badger badger, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

we’re also not planning a party- like we have for the past 3 years.

playing the…


it’s been a really long time since i’ve purchased a lottery ticket.

a seroiusly long time.

talk about confusing!

when did we get 5 or 6 different games?

and they all are drawn on different days?

sometimes more than once a day?

what the hell?

well needless to say after purchasing a quick pick, i was not a winner.

i think the saying goes, “if you want to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket.”

well once i’ve figured out the ticket purchase, i hope to have a winning ticket soon! 😉

crossing my fingers AND toes!

something so simple

ever have one of those days?

you wake up, energized and there’s so much to do? and it all get’s done without a hitch?

that was today.

today we did our schoolwork,  had ID1 class and did some grocery shopping.

on the menu: shrimp & grits…

dinner tonight was perfect.

we had the zydeco music going, and hot sauce on the table! shrimp & grits make me want to move to new orleans (well any time i make shrimp&grits, or ettouffee or gumbo or anything with a cajun or creole flair i start wanting to move to NOLA) something about the air there,  i feel at home… i feel that way at the beach too.

anyways we finished the pot of grits like there was no tomorrow… it’s such a simple meal and it’s super easy to make. i think the secret lies somewhere between the parma/romano cheese and the saffron. lizzy ate everything and was done with her dinner before me and the boy. that kid loves shrimp too!! just like someone else i know – when she was a little girl…

i’ve been planning on putting a recipe book together for lizzy- so she has family recipies for when she’s on her own. i think it’s so important that she knows how to make the food that we’ve shared as a family. dinner is almost always eaten together. i think i can only count a handful of nights in the past (almost) 4 years that we weren’t together for dinner. that’s a great thing to have as a memory.

it’s times like that, which makes me smile.

oh and did i mention the shrimp was on sale?? so even better!! 😉

learning begins at home

this week we have “officially” begun our preK courses. i have so many things that we are will be working on between now and august.

lizzy is excited to do her school work.

we went to a really cool store that has a lot of stuff for teachers, home-schoolers etc and i got a teaching planner so i can keep an accurate record and guide to what we’re working on.

that being said – i need to get some more photos ordered asap so we can work on her new scrap book. it’s yellow- her favorite color, and we’ll be using it as a collective record of what we will be doing and learning and experincing along the way- our pictoral guide of what we will encounter and experience in the home learning environment.

can i just say that, although this is a huge undertaking, and will be a challenge, that it’s going to be a lot of fun for the both of us! i’m hoping that it will be as rewarding an enriching as i’m planning it to be!

on that note- i’m sleepy- so i’m trying to get to bed at a decent time tonight- we have “school” in the morning!

i’m a fool-

for love.

funny that we got engaged on april fool’s day 5 years ago.

no ring in hand and the boy, nervous- which is not a usual trait…

it’s fate.

it’s love.

it’s forever…

lizzy and i went to the beach today and had a nice time.

we visited nana and nana… then headed out to lunch with my mom.

lizzy had a great time shopping and got a few new pairs of shorts and tops. when we got home she went right to her room to change for the “fashion show” and pulled out stuff we already had to show all the “matches”.

too cute!

now it’s time to relax- let the weekend begin!