men at work

so the boy and i re-recorded the “overkill” remix. vocals are sounding tight and the new extra drums really round out the track. It felt good to get a song done (my part anyways) in just a few takes. then “the master”made it sound well rounded, and now we have 1 track pretty much completed.
next track will be an origional called “lonesome highway”

more milk please

so with the constant feedings on order, i’ve been busy making sure the little muncher is full. if only i could keep the twins once EP is on a bottle and solids, that would be great. but i know i’ll end up flatter than a pancake, in fact since i had booblets to start with i’ll more than likely end up with concave boobs… i guess for now we’ll just enjoy my c cups while we can.

moments of zen

today i went outside with the puppies. EP was down for a nap and my other babies needed some QT with mommy. it was one of those “summertime moments” that really puts a smile on your face.
picture this: i’m sitting on the steps of the deck, bambi on my lap. thumper and sebastian are playing chase with eachother.
in the background a neighbor has michael jackson’s “i wanna rock with you.”—
remember i live in the hood. all of a sudden a butterfly enters the picture and thumper starts chasing it. it was the cutest thing!

i have to say my day did start of rather spledidly. daddy decided to take to 5:45am feeding and i got to sleep in til 8:30!
EP is starting to eat more. i don’t think my boobies can keep up with her demand, so she’s getting a little more formula to supplement until i can produce more milk.
on that note, time to get ready for the next feeding frenzy.

someone has a drinking problem

EP was up pretty much every other hour last night demanding, “just one more drink” or in baby talk, “gimme your boobies and no-one will get hurt” so i got minimal sleep if that’s what you call it.
this weekend i ordered a baby sling, so hopefully that will come soon. i also got EP her first set of keys and other toys to help stimulate and teach her motor skills.
my world is nothing but baby stuff right now!

tonight is the season finale of 24… i can’t wait… jack bauer is my hero. i amd thoroughly upset that jerico has been canceled. that had become our favorite show to watch. i don’t understand how great shows get taken off the air.


ok those darned aussies are still causing a ruckus in my buttkiss. so when he came home from getting groceries he got me a surprise… preperation H… oh yeah. i hope this helps my situation.
in more pleasant news: nana and paul came over to visit.
it’s hard to believe that EP is going on 1 month old!!

i got spoiled

so yesterday when daddy came home i got the best surprise ever! i got to take a nice long un- interrupted nap. like a 4 hour tour. it was great. thanks daddy!
EP saw the DR on tuesday. she’s grown a lot in 2 weeks. she’s up to 7.4 pounds and 20 3/4 inches.
my little sugar cookie loves milk.
and it’s almost feeding time (again!)


155-137= 18
that’s right i have lost 18 pounds so far after the delivery of EP. this breastfeeding thing is great! i just need to loose 7 more pounds and i will be at my pre-pregnancy weight. i really want to get into better shape and tone up so my new target weight is 120-125.
EP is now 2 weeks old. she’s so animated. she loves laying on daddy’s chest during tv time, and has made a new friend, her thumb. she is;t a thumb sucker yet, but she knows it can fit into her mouth.
the austrailians are still living in he land down under- darned hemmies!! and EP has a visitor of her own, i call him the hiccup man!
that’s about all that’s going on for now!

more new friends

yes i have made some new friends since the delivery of EP… i have hemorrhoids. a nice new addition to my franken pussy and my recent addition of a new scar on my tummy!!! of course it is worth it to have EP but i’m afraid my body will never be the same again.
i have an appt with dr b tomorrow, i wonder how much baby weight i’ve lost. i think 10 pounds. we shall see.

1 week ago

it’s hard to believe that a week ago we had a baby.
around this time last week i was getting back to the room after my tubal ligation, only to find the worlds greatest daddy changing diapers and managing to care for his baby. i have to say it’s pretty sexy to see josh with a baby.
the past week has flown by, too fast!

at last!

ten tiny fingers
ten little toes
a smile like her mommy’s
and she has her daddy’s nose.

Elizabeth Paige was born on thursday 26 april at 4:31 pm. weighing in at 6lbs 5 oz and 19 1/8 inches long.
she is the prettiest baby ever.

the delivery went well, for the most part. i mean ok so i was a guniea pig for a newbie nurse who was clueless and while i was having hard contractions the entire time, she discredited my situation, since it wasn’t registering on the machine, that she didn’t hook up properly to me. and to think i could have had the epideral a lot sooner, and saved myself a lot of pain. and true the delivery nurses got the show on the road and by the time dr b got there i was torn open like a thanksgiving turkey, but it really was worth it. i was a champ and think i maintained control and composure throughout the entire birthing process. and i didn’t pooh on the table!!!

daddy and i been in a bubble!
getting used to our new schedules and titles. i’m the food lady and he’s diaper man, together we make a pretty good team. so far EP has been pretty good. she loves boobies and is a champ when it comes to breast feeding. i have 2 new friends that are huge!! we feed every 2-3 hours, burp, get a clean diaper and then nap for an hour or so, then the cycle repeats.
the pugs have been pretty good with our addition to the family.
now i’m recooperating. trying not to do too much while my body heals and recovers and repairs itself.
i will say being adopted and not knowing anything about my birth parents (a/k/a the donor and the incubator) it’s strange to look down at someone and see parts of myself, and josh looking back. i think she makes me feel a little more whole or complete now that there’s someone out there that kinda looks like me. i’m not alone anymore.