ten tiny fingers
ten little toes
a smile like her mommy’s
and she has her daddy’s nose.

Elizabeth Paige was born on thursday 26 april at 4:31 pm. weighing in at 6lbs 5 oz and 19 1/8 inches long.
she is the prettiest baby ever.

the delivery went well, for the most part. i mean ok so i was a guniea pig for a newbie nurse who was clueless and while i was having hard contractions the entire time, she discredited my situation, since it wasn’t registering on the machine, that she didn’t hook up properly to me. and to think i could have had the epideral a lot sooner, and saved myself a lot of pain. and true the delivery nurses got the show on the road and by the time dr b got there i was torn open like a thanksgiving turkey, but it really was worth it. i was a champ and think i maintained control and composure throughout the entire birthing process. and i didn’t pooh on the table!!!

daddy and i been in a bubble!
getting used to our new schedules and titles. i’m the food lady and he’s diaper man, together we make a pretty good team. so far EP has been pretty good. she loves boobies and is a champ when it comes to breast feeding. i have 2 new friends that are huge!! we feed every 2-3 hours, burp, get a clean diaper and then nap for an hour or so, then the cycle repeats.
the pugs have been pretty good with our addition to the family.
now i’m recooperating. trying not to do too much while my body heals and recovers and repairs itself.
i will say being adopted and not knowing anything about my birth parents (a/k/a the donor and the incubator) it’s strange to look down at someone and see parts of myself, and josh looking back. i think she makes me feel a little more whole or complete now that there’s someone out there that kinda looks like me. i’m not alone anymore.

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