i have a lot on my little plate… you know, the one with the dividers so the food doesn’t touch one another. well this month marks the end of my lazy days. EP is growing up fast. that translates into less napping and more mobility. the house situation seems to be getting under control; however my upstairs neighbors must be visiting, so i may need to cover myself in peanut butter and head on up with a beebee gun…
i’m making a list and checking it twice. there are many new projects i’m undertaking, and i’m making an honest effort to complete the ones i’ve started. take this site for instance. i’ve been rather current in posting something nearly every day, even if the day passing had been mundane.
i’ve been easing into working from home, working 5-10 hours a week this month, while juggling everything else, mostly the baby. or november i’ll be attempting to work a minimum of 10 hours a week. christmas is just around the corner and i need to et a little something or daddy, from EP of course.
well with all that being said, it’s time to do some house work, then see if le monster would be ever so kind and take her nap!!


so for EP’s 6 month check up she weighs 16lbs 12 oz and is 26 1/2 inches long. once again daddy held her hand, and she survived her shots with minimal crying; she’s so brave.

he wore a mask

the dogs had been barking off and on all night, but when we looked out, nothing was there in the back yard. i was just getting ready to let them outside, when there was a knock on my front door. i was in the process of getting myself together— putting on some clothes to answer the door— when then the phone rang. it was my neighbor. he said there was a prowler in his yard last night and that he had shot it. apparently it was still in my back yard.
i was like, “go ahead, PLEASE take a look, i was just getting ready to let the pack out.”
there he laid, next to our old shack of a garage. he was so still and dead.
i’m glad my neighbor came over before i had let the dogs out this morning. who knows what would have happened. or how last night when they were barking, i was going to let them outside- i usually go with them late at night to keep an eye on things. i’m so glad i didn’t.
anyways, the still dead body was in my back yard. and he wore a mask… it was a very large RACCOON.
hood living at it’s best!!

in other news we have a party to attend today for michael and wyatt. our costume: we’re going as the happy family that we are.

it’s getting chilly

ok well by floridian standards it’s cooling down. just in time for the holidays!! i have a few things i need to get working on before tuesday. fall cleaning is rounding the corner, and i’ll need to smudge on thursday and make myself stick to my game plan.

i am determined to complete one of the 3 quilts for our bedroom by the end of november. i have the top piece nearly completed and just need to do the batting, backing and get quilting.
there are also a few small things i would like to do around the house before the the christmas holiday and new year. so i’ll be trying to remain focused and dedicated to working more weekend hours for my job.
hopefully i can accomplish what i set out to do… with the help of a few angles!!

the weekend is near

well, i can’t say i’m ready for the weekend. i need to make up some time at “work” and get some hours logged. otherwise i’ll end up without a paycheck…
in other news: after talking to edy and then talking to josh, i may start a new project- on the horizon- very soon. more on that once i figure out WHAT i will be doing for sure.

i have the best friends

today was a crazy day.
to begin- last night we got our loan mod pprwrk delivered. we needed a cashiers check and the docs had to be notarized and sent back today. of course i called for verification since we had less than 24 hours notice and no prior knowledge of the mod approval, so we were under the gun. the dept i needed to speak to was closed as they are dealing with the california forest fires. in anycase, it was raining all day, and i had like 4 or 5 stops to make. lucky for me aunti jasmine was able to rearrange her entire day to help me out and was my wing man on our mr toad’s wqild ride excursion all over the greater bay area. aunti lenie came through as always… then— i got back home and saw another package that needed to be sent out, by tonight!! well time was not on my side and i didn’t make it to the drop off, so it will be a day late, but we’re hoping for the best…
anyways- without my girls- i would have had a meltdown and i’m sure EP would have gotten sick- being out in the rain and stuff.

i am truly blessed.
so i will not stress.
but… it’s martini:30 so i must treat myself to a few, i earned them…

bring in da noise

last night i went to see daddy preform some harsh noise. i now have robot ears. EP got to spend some QT with nana, and aunt whisper and the girls for the evening while i was out. it’s always so weird not having her around.

today we’ve been working on a song for VOTR. it’s sounding pretty good. the boy can really put a great song together.
in other news: i have some major cramps. i can’t stand my friend flo. she can be a real pain in the lower back!!
this weekend we finally got our disney dvd’s so EP has some new movies to become acquainted with.

i’ve been so busy that i forgot to wish CK- that’s chris kirkpactrick- a happy birthday on the 17th. (as that has been a tgj tradition every year- sorry chris!!)

anyways, a new week is upon us and i have many little side projects i’ll be starting and hopefully finishing by the 30th of this month.
i just need to remain focused for the next week and a half.

one fish, two fish–

we had family day at the aquarium today. it was nice to have daddy home on a weekday. what we didn’t realize was that everyone else had the day off from school as well, so the aquarium was crowded. but, we now are proud members so we can go any time. EP was really into looking at the schools of fish swimming by and she got to touch a star fish, see a bunch of sharks, watch the sea otters play, look at the very still gators, and see more and more fish. the best part was when she got excited to see the clown “NEMO” fish tank. it’s so neat to see her recognize something like that.
oh and i forgot to post yesterday- but we went to aunti bridge’s house and played with haley for most of the afternoon.
oh AND we’re now starting to sit unassisted for a few seconds at a time.
i tell ya- everytime i blink there’s something new happening.
this weekend should prove to be good. family weekend here we come!!
but first- let’s take a nap.

my big fat-

itialian grandmother arms!! ok i’m keeping the extra 5 pounds of baby weight in my upper arms… i really should start lifting weights or something. i can’t have flabby grannie arms!!
in other news i need to do something with my hair too. maybe cut it shorter and dye it would do the trick. it’s so long and all i do is pull it back away from tiny grabbing hands and fingers.
oh well— i want to take a nap- but we all know that’s not gonna happen today ;(