i love climbing into bed, and the sleepy boy cuddles up next to me. i love how EP wakes up in the morning and has a “conversation” with herself and the sound of her laughter. i love when we’re watching tv and my pugs all try to find spots on the sofa with us. i love being married to the boy and being a mom and staying home with our daughter (and pugs.)

i also love: dark, bittersweet chocolate; grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese; a good bottle of wine preferably red; long hot showers; climbing into bed after i just washed the sheets; a good medium rare steak; lavender blossoms; butter; the boy playing guitar for EP; my nose, fingers and toes; rainy days; taco tuesday; wind chimes; EP’s kisses and hugs; my blue jeans; snap dragons; cooking; NOLA; WDW; singing to EP; vanilla scented candles; the little prince; making spaghetti sauce; comedy, horror and period films; writing; when josh makes dinner- especially his chicken marsala; playing fetch with the dogs (when they cooperate); martinis; and my friends and family!!

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