yesterday we had a last minute birthday to go to. one of EP’s little friends was having a party. EP was really good (as per the norm) but naps got all off schedule. when we got home around 530pm she was ready for a nap. so we ended up having dinner at 8. nana brought over pork chops and daddy grilled them with some zucchini, and i made a salad and some couscous. it was a nice late dinner. then EP stayed up until 930. so-o i got to sleep in today and we all rolled out of bed at 845 this motning.

today we played outside with the dogs. tonight we’re grilling chicken on the BBQ. we’ve been pretty lazy for the most part of the day. however sometime this week we i need to get a few things up on ebay and start cleaning up. i want to do my fall cleaning in september so by october 1 we are getting ready for christmas stuff…

well- i’m going to work on some new sleep pants. i’ve found a cool material that has witch hats and bats on a gray background. it’s a sorta fruti looking material, but kinds cute too. i’m sure the neighbors think i’m a little weird since i’m always in pajama pants.
but do i look like i really care what they think?? NOPE!!

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