these days EP is taking odd naps. sometime for an hour- and then others when she’s down for almost 3. this is a long nap day, she’s slept through lunch, which has allowed me to get some ironing done.
i am making an honest attempt to clean the house this week. i need to try and sell some of our old cd’s and put some baby stuff up on ebay. christmas will be here before i know it and i’m running out of space.
we’re contemplating on re-arranging EP’s room, but i’m not sure if it’s going to work.

oh and people have been squatting in the vacant house next door. i thought something was going on over there over the past few days. anyways, someone woke me up last night when he was talking to his friend that it was ok to go inside… yep- i had to call the po-po and let them know and it looks like they might have taken care of the situation. today on the police report site that addy next door as a misdemeanor file #. i really wish that house would disappear., but no such luck.

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