summertime and the rain

finally got the tree taken care of. mr rodney got on the roof and removed the dangling tree before any real damage happened. it’s good to have a nice neighbor that can do that kind of stuff for cheap when you need help. he’s also supposed to give me a bird of paradise plant for my garden… that would be lovely.

as for rain and summertime, well i feel like the crab is getting crabbier and soon going to hibernate in her shell. i’m so over not having any adult time or friends. thank god i’ve been spending a little QT with KT and the boys, otherwise i’d drive the boy bonkers!! he has a lot of work to do, and i’m trying to stay out of his hair these days. i really need to meet someone that i can occasionally get together with and get out of the house. i just don’t seem to have a good core group of friends that are reliable or willing to spend time with me. it’s not me, it’s me… i has to be me…

and so i rant…

it’s starting to rain right now. someone’s looking at the teal house next door. i see 3 men. 2 are 20 something and the older dude might be the realtor. maybe i’ll get a nice gay couple to live next door. i just hope they’re not flippers or slum lords… it’s been nice not having any crappy neighbors or drama.  yes it’s mostly my fault for looking in this area- not knowing more than the realtor…  i can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years now. next time we won’t make the same mistakes twice. josh will make sure of that!!

still waiting

the tree guy hasn’t called back yet. i left a message and his phone person said they would forward the message… i might have to call again tomorrow… the tree is scary and ominous. just hanging there waiting for it’s final fall to the ground.

we see to have lost prince charming somewhere in the house. i’ve asked edgar to “put it back” and still nothing. in other news there must be a candle shortage, i finally went to get some candles today and there was only 4 colors to choose from, and there’s usually like 20… so look slike i’ll have to go back next week and see if a shipment has come in.

i inquired on dance classes for EP and am waiting to see if a 2 year old class is starting this fall, otherwise we may look into a tumbling class for gymnastics. we’re hoping for somthing for her to have some interaction with other kiddos during the “school year” schedule… so fingers are crossed that we find something for her this month…

time to make the spaghetti sauce and a martini…then i’ll be officially out of vodka  ;(

cereal breakfast

lizzyP loves cereal for breakfast. ske likes special K and honey bunches of oats. receltly i’ve kicked up the sugars and added apple jacks and sloup loops (fruit loops) but her favorite right now is frosted mini wheats. she love’s them!!

a tree fell down last night over EP’s side of the roof and house. gotta call the tree guy and see about getting them cut back- we’re hoping there’s no damage to the roof, so far nothing’s leaking- so our fingers are crossed.

i’m a year behind on my sewing. i HAVE to get a few things done soon. i’m even in the mood to sew these days. so hopefully i can get things done.

the beach

my tummy has been acting weird the past few days. i was able to make it over to spend an afternoon with my sister for my birthday this afternoon. we met up at  the suncoast sea bird sanctuary and had a nice picnick. she knows exactly what i like.  and i have to say that a sandwitch or a salad made by someone else always tastes better. i was really surprised when i saw she had a cake and candles and a whole set up for our afternoon. she got me a few books i’ve been meaning to get around to reading, and a pretty candle and hurricane holder… oh and the candle was perfect. and a plant and planter to add to my garden. it’s almost like she gets me 😉

we walked around the sanctuary and EP kept saying, “stinky pooh pooh birds.” it was pretty funny. a bird even crapped on wyatt and EP got a little after splash for standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. but it’s supposed to be good luck… i was fearing that the bird flu could be caught through skin contact…. but i was just being silly.

we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach. michael built her a sand castle for her princesses to destroy— ummm i mean play on. she played kick the ball with wyatt for a few seconds and chased him til she was silly and out of breath. she really gets along with them so well… and, EP eventually went into the water!! once in i couldn’t get her out. i think since the waves were calmer today, so felt more at ease. she had a great time with the boys and her aunt KT. i’m glad we’ve been trying to do more things together, i was really feeling out of the loop for quite some time. so we’ll be taking advantage of the summer break.

i got home and then my stomach was back to being icky… go figure!!

oh and i started one of my new books and it’s a great read so far… way to go KT!!


we were supposed to go to the drum circle today. notice i said were…

after tossing and turning all night and getting almost 2 hours of sleep, i was awaken by the sound of buuuh’s jingles and there was my beautiful little girl, wide awake at the butt crack of dawn. if i do the math, i fell asleep way after 4:30am and she was standing bedside at approxmiately 6:30-ish… 

once i got out of bed, i had the worst stomach ache… let the “cha cha cha” begin… daddy has already left for work, i am beyond sleepy and she’s not decided if she wants’ to go back to bed now, or bounce off the walls. so  think today will be a cuddle sofa day, and we’ll watch movies. my tummy is in no shape to go to the drum circle today with KT and the boys. too bad too, i think EP would have fun, but something tells me she’s going to take a long nap!!

what a week

EP has made the transition from crib to “little girl bed” like a champ. on tuesday i moved the toddler bed where her crib was and told her it was time to sleep in a bed like a little girl. after 3 story books and some cuddles she took her nap. later that night, she went right down without any issues at bedtime… by night 3 daddy took the crib out of her room for good and so far it’s been smooth sailing.

thursday josh got home early and spent some time playing with EP. i’ve had an easy and great week. he’s been making dinner more than hands free for me which has been nice. on friday EP and i had a picnick on our back deck. the weather has actually been nearly bearable, so we took advantage of a light breeze and some fresh air.

today we went to the mall. got a few things for 3T sizes… hit a major sale. now that EP is a little girl i’m redoing her room from the baby room (secret garden) to a pixie/ tinkerbell fairy garden room. i’ll be working on pillows and curtains over the next few weeks.

tonight though, i’m feeling lazy. i think i’ll head to the sofa with some ice cream and chill. i’m actually really tired from all my running around today. so i might get to bed earlier than usual…

and down will go baby…

when i put EP to bed, sometimes she sings rock a bye baby… it’s pretty cute.

we had a good time at the b’day party yesterday. daddy went to watch the fight at his friend’s house, and i had a nice night of quiet. i got to see the fight today and was happy to see “band-aid” get his ass knocked by henderson… pretty good fight!!

steak was requested by la petite for dinner tonight. she’d eat steak every night if she had it her way.  we’ve been eating a lot of steak since she has been putting inher 2cents for what to eat. at least she has good taste… could have been chickenfingers or hot dogs!!

we’ve been getting to sleep really late the past 2 weeks andit’s finally catching up with us, josh is napping on the sofa as i’m typing. this 2 and 3 am stuff isn’t conducive for getting through the next day… and i haven’t been taking any secret naps so i’ve been super tired… maybe this week i’ll manage my time a bit better…

we’ll see how that idea goes.

weekends are for…

i’m not sure since every day is a monday, friday and weekend for me… even though i’m armed with a new day panner, i still have no clue what day it is when i wake up.

had fun yesterday (that would have been a friday) with KT and the  boys at HP. lizzy had a good time playing with everyone. she was super tired afterwards, from running around in the FL sun, so she took an extra long nap.

today we have a birthday party to go to. she’s been talking about it for the past 2 days. she’s already picking out our outfis for the day. later tonight daddy’s going to watch the fight, so i’ll have the house to myself… maybe i’ll buy some ice cream. my ice cream diet has been working pretty good so far… 

i have a headache today… my pulsitile tinnitus has been a little more annoying than the usual. i try not to think about it too much… but i know it’s there. i just hope it’s nothing to worry about.


it’s hot out. africa hot. the humidity has been terrible coupled with the rain which = mosquitos… i’m hoping the weather stays nice for the next few days. i’m might  go to heritage park with KT.

yesterday while i was playing a video game, EP had her controller and was saying, “SH!T SH!T SH!T!!” i know i don’t do that, so i conferred with the boy, and sure enough, she got it from him. it’s so funny, she even makes a pi$$y face when she does it. at least she understands the concept and application of using her words in their correct context.

kids are so funny.

speaking of kids, my four legged 3 pack need baths today. i’m dreading that.

this morning EP was singing “dreams come true” from cinderella. then she sang JB’s “hold on” followed by a little song of her own titled, “change diaper daddy.” that happens to be one of my favorites!!

there is a small pile of sewing that keeps eyeballing me, as if to imply- you know you wanna do it… yeah, i need to make that pile disappear this week. now that the blue room has been straightened up, i’m trying to get a few extra things done. maybe i should head to the fabric store and see if there’s something i like to make the curtains in the living room with… that’s been a constant needle in the haystack for me. but— i will have saturday evening alone in the blue room, so maybe i should use that time wisely…

i did say maybe didn’t i??

freedom and independance

we had a GREAT time yesterday for the 4th.

we went to shana’s for their neighborhood annual th of july crazy extravaganza. i made paradise salsa and some cole slaw. what the heck is the cole in cole slaw i still don’t know. but at least everyone liked them.

EP got to hang with molly before she headed out to do “big girl stuff” and then got to hang with the rest of the “phambly.” uncle pat made yummy burgercheese while aunt shana made sure that EP got her fill of every junk food option available on the planet… she’s so bad. i had a great time with my golden girls, and EP had a great time with aunt shana and aunt rach, and chased patrick and “other patrick” around after the fireworks… yes fireworks. they blocked off the intersection of their blocks and in the middle of this neighborhood party, there were fireworks just as good as the pier or the beach. shana’s neighbor was launching then from the was crazy. and LizzyP sat there and wasn’t scared at all. she was clapping and pointing at all the colors in the sky.

we left around 1am, and josh and EP fell asleep on the way home. rach and shana got some cute pics of all of us… i need to get some developed soon…

and for my b’day we’re planning on pedi’s and lunch!! i can’t believe 20 years ago we all met, and we still all look the same- minus the big aqua net 80’s hair.