my tummy has been acting weird the past few days. i was able to make it over to spend an afternoon with my sister for my birthday this afternoon. we met up at  the suncoast sea bird sanctuary and had a nice picnick. she knows exactly what i like.  and i have to say that a sandwitch or a salad made by someone else always tastes better. i was really surprised when i saw she had a cake and candles and a whole set up for our afternoon. she got me a few books i’ve been meaning to get around to reading, and a pretty candle and hurricane holder… oh and the candle was perfect. and a plant and planter to add to my garden. it’s almost like she gets me 😉

we walked around the sanctuary and EP kept saying, “stinky pooh pooh birds.” it was pretty funny. a bird even crapped on wyatt and EP got a little after splash for standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. but it’s supposed to be good luck… i was fearing that the bird flu could be caught through skin contact…. but i was just being silly.

we spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach. michael built her a sand castle for her princesses to destroy— ummm i mean play on. she played kick the ball with wyatt for a few seconds and chased him til she was silly and out of breath. she really gets along with them so well… and, EP eventually went into the water!! once in i couldn’t get her out. i think since the waves were calmer today, so felt more at ease. she had a great time with the boys and her aunt KT. i’m glad we’ve been trying to do more things together, i was really feeling out of the loop for quite some time. so we’ll be taking advantage of the summer break.

i got home and then my stomach was back to being icky… go figure!!

oh and i started one of my new books and it’s a great read so far… way to go KT!!

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