gobble gobble time to decorate

 we had a nice turkey day. very low key just the 3 of us.

i got a bit of a reprieve from the total spread- we just did a turkey, stuffing, collards and rolls with cranberry sauce. we cook from scratch all the time- so there’s not the need to make 7 sides and a turkey and all that other stuff- next week i’ll be doing my green bean casserole- if i can find decent green beans. otherwise i’ll just do the mushroom soup for dinner one night- cause that’s the star of the dish!! 

daddy and lizzy got all “dressed up” for dinner, which was really cute. nothing says classy like a button down shirt with cuff-links and some sleep pants. too  cute!l and lizzy came out with some extra embellishments- bracelets, a necklace and a pretty headband. 

we did dinner around 3:30 and afterwards we all took a nice nap!

today i’ve already gone to starbucks, got all our christmas stuff out of storage and got some McD’s for lunch. now we’re getting ready to decorate the house. 

i’m hoping it will all be done tonight- so we can make way for the tree.

tomorrow we have a b’day party to go to.

sunday we’ll hunt down a tree and get that decorated!!

music to play while decorating: nsync christmas, jonas brothers, maybe some blood-hound gang and some dethklok and top it with some good old andy williams christmas.  😉

we have a 23-19

ha ha watching monster’s inc and the code 23-19 is child contamination!! haaaaa his b’day is the 23rd, mine is the 19th. our home has a 23-19~ we’re contaminated by a child. haaa haaaa haaaaaa in other news- the play date went well. lizzy had a great time with T and they played for about 2 ½ hours at the playground non-stop! we’re going to meet up for another playdate on monday! date night we did some christmas shopping and got everything but the belle dress for lizzy. if i can’t find one in her size in the next week or so- i’ll just get the snow white one. we went to the disney store and got her the princess barbies she’s been wanting… 2 for $20 is a great steal! we have a bunch of them for her to open christmas morning, she’s going to be so excited! everything else has been bought for christmas! so i think we’re done shopping and it’s the week before thanksgiving! yeah us! the pugs have been crazy this past week or so, i’m thinking the time change affected them too… j/k not sure what’s up with them! bambi has been super sassy and sebastian has been using his jedi mind tricks to get up on the sofa… and thumper has been super kissy… weirdness all around.

we fell back-

even though the time change gave us an hour and we went back an hour, i feel like i’m loosing 2 hours every day. like right now- it’s 6pm (old 7pm) and it’s dark out so i think it feels like 8pm…


what’s NOT weird:

when i think about lenny and she calls. i miss her.

other good things-

even though i’m an ulikeable person and have very few friends, we have managed to meet a really nice family and have a play date scheduled with one of our friends from gymnastics this week. we’ll be heading to the park to play, and let the girls get to know each other and play outside of gymnastics. she’s also home schooled and has a stay at home dad. lizzy seems pretty excited and has been asking about playing with T so i’m hoping they have a ton of fun together. plus it would be really nice to make a new friend – who also stays at home AND does the home schooling thing too.

whenever i say i’m a stay at home mom, or a house wife- and mention homeschooling i always get a weird look and a barrage of  questions. 

i like being a housewife, i love staying at home with my daughter, and i’m fulfilled knowing that we are able to teach her and help her grow! 

the only think i’m lacking are friends of my own that i can get out of the house with to have some outside the house socializing. 

in other news: we excavated a pterosaur this weekend. it was so much fun digging out the part and assembling our dinosaur! score from the HOMEGOODS store!

it’s NOT raw!!

 i can cook risotto!

to the point that i think if chef ramsay were to have some of my risotto- he’d like it.

it’s cooked through, creamy, flavorful, well seasoned… and when i make it- i somehow run out = cause it’s GOOOOOOOOD.

i’m also all about truffel oil… and so is lizzy. she has an affinity for truffel oil… 

my 3 year old has a great palate! 

speaking of said 3 year old- i think we’re going to see if there’s a hip-hop class for her age group at any of the local dance studios. this is the boy’s idea. i know that our kiddo has some skills… but he was watching her dance tonight and was impressed with her moves. 

between her dance moves and model poses, i’m thinking that we may have a modern dancer on our hands. i have to take video and send it to lenny- to see what she thinks!

tonight we’re having family movie night. we’re watching karate kid. i love the music in this movie- reminds me of the good old days- aka the 80’s! 

last night we watched the lost world— an 80’s movie— umm yeah- the fake dinosaurs and stuff made me long for 2010 and some real blue ray! 

somehow it’s turned into “old-school week”  at our house! i’m not complaining!

will this last?

 loving this weather- but the real and only question is… will it last? 

josh took lizzy to the park this weekend and i stayed home and rested. it was nice having some “quiet time” for myself, and lizzy loved hanging with just daddy!! 

the ants were marching all over this weekend, i think the rain and the cold got them all confused as to where they should be! today there are only a few stragglers, so hopefully this “dali like mania” will also subside.

so the time changes has me off my non-schedule. i think i’ve been tricked into feeling like i have an extra hour every day… hopefully that’s how this week will go. 


 what an awesome friday…

it’s guy fawkes day (night) in the UK

it’s kevin jonas birthday 

oh and i’m apparently an inch taller than i thought.

apparently it’s common for women to gain about ½- 1 inch in height with their first child- due to hormonal changes… so i somehow experienced a growth spurt and am now 5’4 3/4” i think i’ll need a second opinion because i could have sworn the tape measure said, “pratically perfect in every way” much like mary poppins… haa haa haa

in other news— really? 

we woke up this morning and there was more than a chill in the air. it’s almost 3pm and the temperature is sitting pretty at 66 degrees. 

5 nov has been such a great day so far!

may the force be with you

lizzy wanted to be yoda this year…

since this is pretty much the only time i can ever get the boy to do the matching/coordinating outfit thing… we did the star wars family costumes. josh was luke skywalker and i was princess leia.

we looked pretty good, lizzy was excited- although about 2 minutes of holding a light saber proved to be 2 minutes too long… we had a lot of fun. did some t-or-t’ing with a friend and got a little bit of candy- for the week.

now that halloween is officially over-  we have day of the dead coming up- after that i figure we’d start getting ready for thanksgiving and christmas!