ha ha watching monster’s inc and the code 23-19 is child contamination!!

haaaaa his b’day is the 23rd, mine is the 19th. our home has a 23-19~ we’re contaminated by a child. haaa haaaa haaaaaa

in other news- the play date went well. lizzy had a great time with T and they played for about 2 ½ hours at the playground non-stop! we’re going to meet up for another playdate on monday! date night we did some christmas shopping and got everything but the belle dress for lizzy. if i can’t find one in her size in the next week or so- i’ll just get the snow white one. we went to the disney store and got her the princess barbies she’s been wanting… 2 for $20 is a great steal! we have a bunch of them for her to open christmas morning, she’s going to be so excited! everything else has been bought for christmas! so i think we’re done shopping and it’s the week before thanksgiving! yeah us!

the pugs have been crazy this past week or so, i’m thinking the time change affected them too… j/k not sure what’s up with them! bambi has been super sassy and sebastian has been using his jedi mind tricks to get up on the sofa… and thumper has been super kissy… weirdness all around.

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