PETSUMI is live!


Today is a big day for us… it’s Sebastian’s birthday (he’s 6 years old) and we launched our global pet community called PETSUMI!! If you are a pet or a pet owner please check out the site and create a profile. Lot’s of fun to be had!!

So spread the word and let’s make this BIG!!

Tonight we want to have a PAWTY for Sebastian in the chat LOBBY!! come and join us!!

feeling like a DISNEY princess

feeling like a princess

pick a disney princess… because my life is like a fairy tale!

i feed the birds, and the butterflies flock to me, a la snow white. working on those cardinals. ;p

i clean the house, have felt like the left out child, have animal friends i can county on, but unlike cinderella i am not covered in fireplace cinders!

i’m headstrong, and love to read, and just like belle, i try to see beyond the cover.

i have a tea party almost weekly, like alice. lizzyP is my madhatter! she always has more tea than me! haa haa haa

i’m a diamond in the rough like tiana and can cook some mean cajun and creole food, and became a princess once i was married. 😉

lizzyP wakes me up every morning with a kiss- just like sleeping beauty. and i have pricked my finger on many a sewing needle!!

i do not fit in, much like mulan, i have honor for my family.

i have wisdom and courage and like pocahontas, i stand by my man, feet firmly planted on mother earth.

i have left one world for another, just like ariel. (and i do love seafood!)

i have found love, and a whole new world, like princess jasmine, married for and am rich in love!

of course some of these fair princesses have their fair share of woes as i too have but sometimes to truly be a queen, one must be the benevolent ruler. i take a noble stand for her kingdom.

i waltz around the house, sing songs, and talk to the animals…isn’t that normal?
and sure i’d love to have a tiara and beautiful sparkley ball gown, but i’ll leave the dressing up to lizzyP.

i have found my prince-charming, like every true princess has and believe in a happily ever after.

all of this – well as always, my wishes really do come true.
a dream is a wish your heart makes!

oh no she didn’t

guess who was a fibber? someone who has been sneaking her thumb… any ideas who that could be?

mommy and daddy are really disappointed to find out that EP has not been 100% honest about her suckythumb. not sure what we can do to help her curb her thumbatite!! 

yesterday lizzy got a dose of nana. we took her out to lunch. it was nice to get together, weather was perfect and so we lunched outside with a nice view of the water and planes taking off. 

last night the boy and i had cause to celebrate. gravity boulevard is taking off – and now i think he’s going to be busier than ever… he’s already working about 80 hours a week between his day job and then his own stuff: code code code code code… and i can’t be more proud than i am every day when i hear the reports. lizzy will be busy picking colors for sites, and i’m currently trying to come up with a good domain name for yet another network. so yeah, lot’s getting ready to launch. it’s amazing watching it all grow.

speaking of growing, boxacross has been caught up and now, i hope to gain more followers. been getting a lot of great stuff, and this weekend i need to focus and put up 3 or 4 different posts. mail box was full of goodies this week!! 😉

hippity hoppity

the EB was especially generous to EP this year!

she got lots of great things and just a little bit of candy. 

the night before the bunny made it’s way to our house, josh and i had a great date night. oysters and mojitos and a delicious spinach salad… perfect night. 

we also made it to walgreens, which for whatever reason is josh’s favorite place to shop. lol – he gets all giddy excited when he comes home from the WG because he’s always finding cool stuff. 

lizzy has been super excited and on a count down… she’s turning 5 at the end of the month. she’s been whipping through her last preK books and is eager to start the K stuff… and somehow i think she’s going to be going into 1st grade stuff before we know it. she’s growing up so fast! she’s even gone a week and a half w/o sucking her thumb, she had one night that she woke up upset because her thumb went into her mouth while she was sleeping, she’s so determined to be done with the “baby stuff” because being a “BIG GIRL” means she gets her new bed… and i think someone is ready to do a little update to her room! 

speaking of big girl stuff, we decided to get her the my american girl doll for her birthday. she’s been wanting one and we weren’t sure if we should get the bitty baby or the regular look alike doll. after seeing a friend’s doll we decided the regular doll would be perfect. we’ve had a few of their catalogs sent in the mail and as soon as they come in, lizzy has been going through it with a pen and circling what she likes… i think she’s going to freak out when she gets her doll!

almost a week!!

lizzy has said she has not sucked her thumb for 6 nights in a row.

she bruised her lip on an apple juice bottle last wednesday. it looked pretty bad. somehow whn she was taking a sip, the suction was really tight and her upper lip got stuck. i told her that she can’t suck her thumb so it will heal.

maybe this is a blessing in disguise?

i think with her bruise on her lip and her birthday coming up, she’s thinking that she want’s to be a big girl and get her new bed soon.

6 days without sucking her thumb!

turning 5 is a milestone birthday! 

blog blogs and more blogs

it’s taken a few weeks to get organized.

i’ve been really focused on getting my beauty blog going. I’ve been getting some great things in my subscription boxes over the past few months. it reminds me of when i was working for prescriptives and getting gratis and new stuff all the time! i miss gratis. so i guess this is the next best thing.

starting next week, boxacross will be up to date and should be at a manageable point that i’ll shift focus to our homeschooling blog.

speaking of home schooling, i’m going to the convention this year since it’s going to be our first official year of schooling. KINDERGARTEN here we come. lizzy is excited that we are almost done with our PreK books. she’s excited to start her new books. she’s already starting to read and likes to write letters. i think having a school desk at the house helps with keeping her focused and motivated to learn. 

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so if you could follow there that would be great!! 

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