feeling like a princess

pick a disney princess… because my life is like a fairy tale!

i feed the birds, and the butterflies flock to me, a la snow white. working on those cardinals. ;p

i clean the house, have felt like the left out child. i have animal friends i can count on; but unlike cinderella i’m not covered in fireplace cinders!

i’m headstrong, and love to read, and just like belle, i try to see beyond the cover.

i have a tea party almost weekly, like alice. lizzyP is my madhatter! she always has more tea than me! haa haa haa

i’m a diamond in the rough like tiana and can cook some mean cajun and creole food, and became a princess once i was married. 😉

lizzyP wakes me up every morning with a kiss- just like sleeping beauty. and i have pricked my finger on many a sewing needle!!

i do not fit in, much like mulan, i have honor for my family.

i have wisdom and courage and like pocahontas, i stand by my man, feet firmly planted on mother earth.

i have left one world for another, just like ariel. (and i do love seafood!)

i have found love, and a whole new world, like princess jasmine, married for and am rich in love!

of course some of these fair princesses have their fair share of woes as i too have but sometimes to truly be a queen, one must be the benevolent ruler. i take a noble stand for her kingdom.

i waltz around the house, sing songs, and talk to the animals…isn’t that normal?
and sure i’d love to have a tiara and beautiful sparkley ball gown, but i’ll leave the dressing up to lizzyP.

i have found my prince-charming, like every true princess has and believe in a happily ever after.

all of this – well as always, my wishes really do come true.
a dream is a wish your heart makes!

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