Spring Break is something ALL kids are excited about. Yes, even homeschool kids.

Many people think that homeschooling is just sitting around in your PJ’s all day playing video games with your on line friends.

Sure, for some homeschooling families, that’s life… but not us.

We’re pretty much focused on doing lesson plans, there’s 170 of them. Similar to a traditional school system. Our focus is on Reading, Writing, Math, Language Arts, and Spelling. History and science is usually covered in our reading plans. We’re also learning about our state, again, part of our reading lessons- and part of our “outings and field-trips”.

There’s a misconception that homeschoolers are “always on vacation” and that they don’t have to do any real work. Sure I’m not big on diagraming sentences, because that’s just ludicrous… I mean when are you going to be sitting around with friends, or at a job, and NEED to diagram a sentence? That’s just silliness; but the kiddo knows all the parts of a speech and can label the hell out of a sentence!

Do we have spring break? Well, sometimes yes, and other years no. It really all depends on what we have going on at the time. That’s part of the beauty of homeschooling, having the freedom to school when you want to, and to take time off when you need to.

This year, Spring Break 2019, the kiddo has been learning about the land and animals. She’s been spending time in the great outdoors, at a friend’s farm, helping out. So even though she’s getting “time off from schoolwork” she’s still working and having fun, it’s still a learning experience.

BONUS= fresh air and animals!

So, what do you do during spring break to keep busy, have fun and always be learning?

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