Oh! I just love Love LOVE makeup.

It's kinda my biggest vice. Make up: from skin care
products to color, there's not enough skin to slather
stuff upon, or swipe the latest palettes across. 

So here I am thinking about what to review this month,
and I realize, it was right there before me.
Beauty & MAKEUP!

This isn't going to be a product comparison, but a
general overview about my ever-changing hair and makeup
routines, as I've been "getting older".

Over the next few days, weeks, or months - whatever may
strike my fancy... I'll do an introspective post about
somebeauty, makeup and skin-care companies and why.

So, if you're a secret makeup junkie, like me,
keep on reading!

Growing up I began with normal skin. Teen years, I welcomed the new addition of my T-zone and the oilier skin with the monthly acne (zits) that would visit- along with my Aunt Flo. My 20’s and 30’s would be my wonder years. WONDERFUL skin, looking all peaches and cream, beautiful dewey skin. Perfect complection, and texture. (those were the days)

NOW… it’s 2019 and I’m considered middle age. At 45+ my skin has become a bit drier. I’ve noticed lack of elasticity. “Fine lines and wrinkles” are appearing and well, no amount of coconut oil is smoothing this hot mess out.

I miss my 25 year old skin.

One thing I wish I would have told myself way back then would have me not to over tweeze my eyebrows. Thinner brows make you look a lot OLDER!

I’m growing out my hair to its natural color, which has amazing natural silver highlights! That means less maintenance, and less color products. Bleaching has kinda made my hair a bit dry feeling to me. (Although my hairdresser says it feels good and healthy and she never pushes for me to purchase any products or hair care. LOL)

So I’m trying out a few new skincare products to see what might actually work for my new “older lady skin” and get some of that much missed 25 year old radiance, elasticity and perfection back.

If you have a skin care product you love and swear by, share it in the comments below!

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