This summer, we took it easy, REALLY EASY, and the kiddo thanked me.

Since we homeschool, I usually attempt to schedule some schoolwork during the summer. Nothing too crazy, just a bit of reading, and math. My usual goal is to have 20-30 lessons complete by the end go July, and then we start at the beginning of August with our usual courses.

This year, we’re starting in September.

I’ve taken a bit of time this month to source some new material for this year’s lessons… and am wanting to add a few extras in preparation for high school. I’m attempting to add some higher level learning, and bypassing some of the “busy work”

Middle school years shouldn’t be filled with busy work.

So I think we’ll be taking a bit of a different approach.

First I’m contemplating on which direction to take our Math courses: General Math, which has been the course so far, adding more of an emphasis on Geometry, Consumer Math, or Pre-Algebra. I want to do Pre-Algebra, it’s just fun!

We’re also bypassing the middle school Language Arts books this year, trading them in for a 9th grade English Lit book. My hope is to do some more critical thinking and work on some more in-depth writing skills.

We are starting with the Great Courses and EdX – to supplement some additional History and Science.

I’m also in the market for a good microscope with slides.

I need to find a really good HS Earth Science text book. We’re starting with a Geology course, because it ROCKS, then onto the beginning of Earth.

History, my favorite, LP’s least. So I’m going to begin the fall lessons with some World Geography. From there we have some great online courses that we both have found entertaining.

Then the extracurricular stuff: art, drums, farm, and maybe swimming, and a planned monthly outing to learn about Texas and life around us.

The year is shaping up. We have a lot to work on and some goals to accomplish over the next 2 years. Kiddo has informed me that dental school is still her #1 choice, either a cosmetic dentistry, orthodontia or an oral surgeon… she’s also open to something in the medical field. I like that she has goals, even if they happen to change over the next few years.

It’s good to strive for something big. Med-school is a pretty big thing!

For now, this year, we really enjoyed our summer fun, and I’m glad we took the time off to relax a bit. Teen years are so much fun for everyone. Sometimes it’s better to sit together and talk and connect, or just listen and learn. I’m happy that she actually talks to me about stuff, and has opinions.

Some days we just sit together and enjoy the silence, and have a cup of tea.

I treasure these little moments, because every time I blink, she’s growing up, and getting older…

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