At first I wasn’t going to post about it, but then I thought, “Jen, this was KINDA a really big little moment in your life.”

If you know me, you know these 2 things:

First: I believe that all the wrong turns led me to the right place, and second, I simply <3 the Cure.

I met the Cure at LAX after the Daydream Festival!

As Robert said at the show, “It’s been the best day of the summer.” I’d like to follow that up with, “No Robert, it’s been the best weekend of the summer.”

Now let’s just say that although I really despise saying that something is my “favorite” because I’m no longer 6 years old, if I were to have a favorite band, it would be the Cure. If I had to listen to one band forever, or be stranded on an island with just one CD (Disintegration), or could listen to one song before I were to die, it would be a song/cd whathaveyou from the Cure.

That out of the way… I met Jason and Robert from the Cure this past Sunday! OMGOSH, I know, I kinda freaked. And the whole way it happened, was complete happenstance.

So we decided to hit the Daydream Festival in Pasadena this past weekend. The lineup was just waaaay better than ACL, which is happening in October in Austin TX, where I live. Tickets were procured: Josh’s favorite band the Deftones were on the bill; we all happen to really like the Pixies, and Mogwai creates such great soundscapes, it’s like poetic noise. There were other bands and artists there, but we stuck to the main stage location, kiddo was getting a bit overheated, and we had a long day ahead of us. Oh and did I mention that the Cure were headlining… so yeah.

We ordered our VIP tickets, booked a flights and made a hotel reservation. Then there was the 2 month countdown. (and wait, wait for something to happen.)

Daydream Festival was fucking FABULOUS. I was basically transported to feeling like I was 16 all over again. The Cure, their music makes me happy, sad, nostalgic, settled and contemplative, pretty much all at the same time. That sentiment I would never ever really care to share, but I feel it explains why I’m really drawn to their music.

But the reason for this post… I met them at LAX!

OK – so Sunday, we went to Chinatown before heading to the airport to make our way home. Last thing we did was throw a few coins into the wishing well area, making a wish, you never think could ever come to fruition. I decide since we don’t know how unpredictable the LA traffic might be, to get to the airport a bit earlier than we originally planned, so I order an uber 3 hours early… Here’s the thing, our first uber driver dropped the fare, so we had to reorder a new driver. Had that not happened, it would have been like a scene from that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Anyways, this uber ride to the airport, the AC wasn’t working, I looked a complete wreck. No makeup or hair done, I’m just hot and feeling a bit frazzled; we hop out the car and enter LAX.

the oh fuck moment, when you’re in the vortex
and not processing things around you like a normal person.

HERE’S WHERE IT GETS RIDICULOUS. They were in the vehicle ahead of us and were unloading and entering the airport as well. Lizzy’s trying to get my attention, as I’m pretty much nearly plowing through the entire band, completely oblivious, in an attempt to locate the stupid ticket kiosk to print our flight tickets. Lizzy keeps saying, “Mom, Momma, Mommy- it’s them, it’s the Cure, it’s those guys you like. Pay attention mom, you’re not listening to me!” And I’m basically responding to her with a mom answer of, “Not now Lizzy, I’m trying to figure out where to print these flipping tickets so your dad with shut up about not having printed tickets…” Because, yeah, Josh likes having printed tickets as a backup… So she says in her most annoyed teenager voice, “Mom, your boyfriend is here, he’s right THERE. She grabs my arm, now I’m processing everything in super slow motion like I’m just all of a sudden in a vortex of whaaaaaaat? BLINK BLINK BLINK. OH SHIT, they’re headed up the stairs? Fuuuuuuuuuck…. screw printing tickets we need to get to TSA upstairs, I missed my chance…. what the fuck am I gonna do now?

So we get up the stairs, and in line for TSA pre-check. They’re in a different line, but just across from us. I forget my water bottle has water in it, I pull it from the table before the conveyor, dump the water, and I’m watching all these men clad in black snake though the other line, inching away from me…

I think to myself, “Well, I really shouldn’t bother them, they played a show last night, clearly they must be tired and are happily ready to get home. Just admire them from afar. It’s not a big deal. You’re sharing space with them, that’s enough.”

IT’S NEVER ENOUGH…” that’s what I heard, Robert’s voice singing in my head…

Josh is like, “Get through the line, take my phone, better camera, GO NOW, you’re missing the opportunity.” I freeze. I stop. I blink. My bag gets flagged at TSA and now what am I to do? I sigh, My bag is pulled, hubs is like, “Oh yeah that’s my bag… Jen GO NOW!” He’s nearly shoving me away.

Side note- I bet it was the Lotus flower seed cake in my bag from Chinatown that set off the TSA sensor. That would make the most sense.

I’m all a flutter. I stop and am just fucking excited to have the chance to chat with Jason, the drummer. He was super sweet and kind, just totally a nice guy and down to Earth. I rattled on about the kiddo and her taking drum lessons, and that the show was great, and having her experience such an amazing concert was good for her. We snap a photo with him. All good. Thumbs up.

happy as a girl that swims in a works of a magic show.

DIRECTLY BEHIND US is the the rest of the band, I thank Jason again, smile and excuse myself as I make my approach to Robert. (Simon and Roger had their backs to me)… but there’s Robert… and he know’s I’m really trying to hold my shit together.

I smile, I ask If I could take a photo with him, please? HIS RESPONSE WAS PRICELESS… I just wish I had recorded it, because I would have made it my ring tone forever. He’s brilliant. He smiles, I laugh and my response, which I’m sure he wasn’t expecting… I think we both may have thought we were getting pranked? Who knows? We have a bit of a chat… just wasn’t ready for it… ABSOLUTELY NOT READY AT ALL FOR IT!! But I laughed, he laughed, and the exchange between us is a memory I will have until I’m very old and forgetful…

complete and utter, total fangirl moment, I look a wreck, but had to seize the moment.
I’d like to think he had a good laugh today.

NOTE TO SELF: I SHOULD HAVE INVITED THEM FOR TACOS AT THE HOUSE WHILE THEY’RE IN AUSTIN in OCTOBER… so if anyone happens to read this, Robert, Simon, Jason, Roger, Reeves… tacos, dinner, my house. Vegetarian, beef, chicken whatever, just say the word. I would ABSOLUTELY love to be having you for dinner tonight!

Back to Robert, while I was rattling on about how thankful I was that they put the show together, and how great it was… I of course babbled a lot. But honestly, I was thinking, “God, this has got to be super weird for him, I bet he has to deal with people just like me all the time, yet here he is, giving me a moment of their time, when clearly, they need to be heading off.” So I say thanks, snap a quick photo with him and I bumble off like a drunk honey bee.

As I’m trailing away, I overhear, “She scored points,” and I hear them chuckling and chatting amongst themselves… and I’m just beaming and have this cheesy perma-grin that reminds me of dropping acid… and my cheeks hurt; but my heart is so happy.


And Robert, I promise you, next time I’ll be better prepared for a less chaotic chat with you. Maybe I’ll ask you something smart like, “What book are you currently reading?” And to Jason, I’d love to chat more, maybe see if you have any tips for LP or recommendations for drummers for her to look into, for inspiration and technique and rudiments. And next go around, hopefully Simon, Roger and Reeves can get in the photo… I’m kinda wanting one of us all together, something reminiscent of an awkward family photo.


Oh to wish impossible things! <3

the next day, LP picked out this wine for me… because of Siouxie, (and Robert). LOL

PS – big ups to the kiddo, she was secretly on the lookout the entire weekend hoping to help facilitate a chance meeting for me. She’s just fucking magical! And a special thank you to the boy, he knows me so well, and made one of my biggest wishes come true. I seriously am just so fortunate, and loved. <3 <3

12 Replies to “I actually met Robert Smith of the Cure at LAX!”

    1. Hello F-
      Thanks for reading my post about meeting Robert Smith, or as I like to think of him, my friend Bob. I seriously was the most chance circumstance of happenstance and I’m eternally grateful for having crossed paths with the band. Upon my return, and later writing about the experience, I finally decided to seize other opportunities and am making music. Feel free to check out my band Venus on the Rocks. We’ve released a few songs via our home studio. Much of which we’ve been toiling away (most likely like Bob) throughout covid. Hope you’re doing well across the ocean in Germany.
      Again, thanks for reading and the comment,


      1. I am going to see them on Tuesday in Cologne. I am so excited days before. Going to get back on your other topics, but I almost can’t sit still. In a few days I am going to see “The Cure” live. I absolutely love them.

        I hope they will play “Charlotte Sometimes”, which is my absolute favorite song of them, but also I love “100 Years”. And all of Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.

        You have cool kids, that they tell you where the Cure are.

        1. Frank,
          Yeah, my daughter is really AMAZING. The fact that she was keeping an eye out because she “had a feeling we were going to see them” was just magical! 100 years is one of my favorites, and sounds so good live in concert! <3

        1. Frank–
          The Cure put on such an amazing show. Will this be your first Cure concert? I swear Robert’s voice has only gotten better over the years. And the band is so tight together. I wonder if Simon will be on tour, or if his son Eden will be filling in. I know you’ll have a great time. And I bet they’ll play Charolette Sometimes, it’s such a classic. Let me know if they play/debut any new songs!!!!!
          Have a FABULOUS time at the show!

    1. Hi James,
      It definitely was one of those moments in life that was all about timing. I’m super happy to hear that the Cure are touring again. Unfortunately I didn’t get in on the pre-sale for tickets, and of course they sold our FAST! Did you get tix for the upcoming tour?
      Thanks for the comment,

  1. I love this! I am always so happy to hear those we admire are nice. He is truly one of musics talents. ❤️ My boyfriend once called over the one and only man I could never speak to. – Lead singer from The Tea Party – Jeff Martin. He hugged me and I stuttered like a fool! So you get props!! 😅
    Side note…was he all cologned up? 😍

    1. Hi Wendy,
      I definitely was a bit of a drunken bumble bee when chatting Bob’s ear off. As a struggling musician, I should have handed him a mixed tape of my band… but I was so overwhelmed with turning into a “babbling 16 year old Jen” that I didn’t even think of it. LOL He definitely smelled good. 😉

      As yay you for your Jeff Martin encounter. Isn’t it FABULOUS when one gets to meet someone that has inspired or touched our lives? I’m sure they hear it all the time from their fans, but I bet it never gets old.
      <3 ~thatgirljen

  2. OMG, you are so lucky to have met Robert! I probably would have been a babbling idiot if I were in your place. He’s been such a hero of mine for the past 40 years. Just saw The Cure here in Tampa last month and they were incredible! Loved reading about your encounter and your family is awesome for helping you realize a dream come true.

    1. Hi Shelia,
      Oh I TRIED to be cool, but I’m pretty sure I prattled on and on and I MIGHT have given them an open invite to have tacos at my house… they were heading to ATX for their next show and played ACL.
      And yes, had Liz not said something as they were walking by us (a very “Sliding Doors” moment in my life) and if Josh didn’t claim my bag that TSA flagged to search, they could have slipped away for sure.

      BTW- I’m actually from (St. Pete) Tampa and would have LOVED to see them this go around… I bet the show was insanely FABULOUS as always. Hope you had a great time.

      Seriously though Jason was really sweet and such a great guy to chat with. Bob was wicked funny, and patient with me chatting his ear off… I really just wanted to thank him and the entire band for their countless years of music and that they have inspired me to make music… yeah I was kinda a babbling idiot. hahaha


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