sometimes I write what I believe are introspective posts just for my personal consumption. I only publish them for the sake of knowing that I’m blogging on a consistent basis; sometimes there’s not really a reason to title something.

this is one of those posts. it’s Saturday, my lazy day. this time last week I was in California, at the daydream festival, anticipating the cure’s performance. as a lifelong fan, this was my first time seeing them play live. timing in the past was never quite right, I could never manage tickets, it just never was the right situation… until last week. so glad the stars aligned and the universe sprinkled my life with a bit of stardust.

definitely one of my best weekends ever!

so it’s a week later, life is back to “normal” whatever that means. I’m home alone, typical for a saturday. the boy and LP are out and about on their usual saturday morning hang out. I get the house to myself. it’s quiet, I have music playing in the background, the pugs are sleeping, it’s peaceful. just me and the ringing in my ears. I’ve had tinnitus for almost 25 years.

…just been reflecting on things. I’m pretty fortunate, and I’m mindful of the fact that things have been going pretty darned good for jen. sure there’s always that nagging few things that are on the edge, reminding me that it’s not all sunny skies; I prefer rainy days. however, I’m truly content, I’m happy, I’m good.

and with that, it’s merely a reflection of being mindful and thoughtful. I just ordered a few things for the house, to be delivered later this week. all about quality of life. on that note I just got a text and looks like the boy and LP saw something pretty cool and have procured a little surprise for me… a haunted mansion mini-backpack. 😉

I’m so happy, my eyes are brimming with tears, they’re happy tears though, my heart is just so full these days. <3

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