So let’s be honest with myself… around the time the kiddo got “back to school” in August 2019, I shifted my energies to that and COMPLETELY dropped the ball here.

I’ve been busy and lazy and everything in-between.

Life, happens.

This post will simply be a short recap of the past few months that one day I may even happen to expand upon.

Remember when I did a thing and spat into a tube… sending it off to the great beyond, to then sit and await results? Slowly small bread crumbs of information began to expose themselves to me, and through the wonderful world of the inter-webs, I have since located my paternal lineage.

Maternal lineage is still TBD and UNKNOWN.

LaPetite has been making more and more friends within the many pockets of home schooling communities here in ATX, which has kept us BOTH rather busy with social engagements, and learning activities and the like. With that and our scheduled extra activities and drums, we’ve shifted some of our focus from straight academics, and a bit more social hands on learning from August til December.

My boys are both still alive and kicking. Thumper celebrated his “SWEET 16” in November and Sebastian is a moody teen (13.5), who at the end of the day is just a momma’s boy and likes his naps and cuddles. But seriously they’re both getting old. Been an extra bit of work taking care of them, and a bit of emotional turmoil as they’re aging. I fear some difficult decisions, that have already been family discussions, lie ahead for me here in 2020.


During our weeks-a-pizza tradition we took time to all take and reflect on the past year. We were all in agreement that 2019 was indeed the year of Jen.

But I think 2020 might ALSO be the year of jen! I have an ever-growing list of things to focus on, and a few new personal goals that I’ve been putting down upon paper, in an attempt to keep me honest. LOL One of which is to maybe get through an entire year with more regular writing/blogging. Maybe I’ll make it past August 2020 this go around.

I’ll gap fill a bit more over the upcoming days just to attempt to properly catch a few posts up, and finish them so I can check that off my list of things to get done.

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