ok so every wednesday night, from 9-10pm est, our butts are planted in front of the television. there is a 1.5L bottle of red wine on the table and 2 glasses, as we get ready to watch our favorite man, Chef Ramsay. josh and i play a drinking game during kitchen nightmares. every time chef ramsay uses an explicative, we in turn need to take a drink. it’s a ritual really. and it seems that each episode, he curses more and more. last night i was hurting half way through. i mean chef ramsay really kicked my A$$ around the playground. i think i may want one of his books (or his wife’s book) on my shelf soon. and when we finally get to visit NYC we have to eat at his restaurant.
needless to say i am still feeling the after effects of kitchen nightmare wednesday. but we

where did the weekend go

ok i was BEYOND lazy. i got absolutely nothing done over this holiday weekend. i didn’t clean, work, or go anywhere… although i feel rested, i also feel a bit guilty.
i know it may seem like i’m on vacation every day since i no longer punch a clock, but i do work, and have stuff that needs to be done.
but- the only thing i’ll be doing tonight is resting, having a drink and maybe read a little. this week may prove to be a bit hectic.


i’ve been super lazy these past few days. a lot going on, with family and other stuff.
turkey dinner was good. i know how to stuff and cook a bird. my home made green bean casserole was so good. none of that canned junk in my food. EP had stuffing for her first time along with her turkey dinner and sweet potatoes. so we have been eating leftovers since then, ut tonight the rumor is that we’re getting papa johns pizza!!
we have one more day of daddy vacation, then things will be back to business as usual. so i’m taking advantage of the extra help with EP while i can 😉

for daddy

daddy has a long weekend ahead of him for this thanksgiving. apart from some news that was just received, i think this will be a good time for all of us. lots of EP and daddy time, daddy and mommy drinking wine, playing some video games and watching movies, EP trying to crawl and maybe washing the dogs. that’s just a few things on my plate for thanksgiving weekend.
speaking of… i need to figure out how long i will be cooking my little birdie.

is it already monday?

yesterday was a fun filled day. we went to the aquarium and did our grocery shopping for thanksgiving. then we had TACO SABADO!! always a good time when i make tacos, but mi amigo jose wasn’t invited. there are days when i miss that wonderful man. 😉
today has flown by and i barely got anything accomplished. i made a list of a few things i would honestly like to get done before 30 november. so let’s see how i do.
well on that note, i have a baby that is in need of some mommy time. you would think she’d get tired of playing all day, but no, that is so-o not the case!!

it’s official

EP’s first real word is MOMMA. in the morning when she;s ready for me to come in and get her she says “momma momma” it’s the cutest thing. Now she needs to work on dadda and puppy!!

simple things

we’re a modern stone-age family, well sorta. i have a remote that works the tv, a robot named consuela that vacuums my floor, i gushed when daddy bought me a new washing machine and dryer (yes i am such a step-ford wife these days.) we also have a lawn man, and other modern things like in door plumbing, and central heating and air. the one thing we do not own is a dishwasher. that would be me, the ex-hand model with the mildly pruned dish pan hands. i really don’t mind the washing of the dishes, i just hate the pruned finger tips! however it’s all made better by one simple thing. i have a 600 dollar state of the art foot warmer called bambi. ( well after the upgrades she’s more like a 1500 dollar warmer.) she’s there every time i wash the dishes, lying on my feet, keeping me company.

another one bites the dust

once again there was a body in the back yard this afternoon. this time it was an acrobat, oh i mean squirrel. she must have fallen during the tight rope act sometime after 2pm but before 5pm. so that was my odd bit of excitement for today.
turkey day is around the corner. josh wants me to make dinner here like we did last year oh and the year before. i;m getting pretty versed in stuffing a bird. hee hee hee!! anyways there’s nothing like fillin up on some foul and crashing on the sofa. but he’s talking about making carrot salad… i’m not too sure about that though.
speaking of food, tonight is chef ramsey night. we love watching him freak out on people. nothing like some pizza, wine and a little gordon for a fun filled wednesday night.


i’m a little peeved… it’s not even a big deal. see, i have a lot of vast, useless knowledge and every once in a while i can put it to use to help someone, or so i thought. when asked for my knowledge on something, only to have them say, “well so-and so said this,” it makes me think that either they don’t trust my information, or maybe they just think i’m stupid. i really do try and be helpful, but what’s the point?? oh well!!

is today a “holiday?”

ok so it’s veteran’s day, but daddy still has to work. speaking of i didn’t work much last week. i spent lots of QT with the family, and since daddy has been working later in the evenings lately i hate rushing through dinner to try and log some hours. plus EP has been playing more and napping less. anyways, EP just went down for her morning nap so i am going to try and grab an extra hour this morning.
we shall see how this week goes.